Friday, July 24, 2015

Travel to Copenhagen

 By Katherine McIntyre

     One of the things I love most about writing and reading is how it sates my wanderlust. Don’t get me wrong—I still adore traveling, and each year I try to chip away at my ever expanding bucket list—however, writing new stories in different locations helps me get through those pockets in between. So, when I signed up for the Beyond Fairytales challenge and was assigned the fairytale String of Pearls, I knew I had to seize upon that location: Copenhagen, Denmark.
     String of Pearls is an older woman’s recollection of the Copenhagen line and how she met her sweetheart along the way. Immediately a yearning seized me to explore the jewels of Denmark and what it might hold. The main character, Erik, is a soul collector who travels along the Copenhagen line, stopping at a different club each night. Not only did that allow me to explore the club scene in Denmark, but also different structures, like St. Mikkel’s Church, and the Great Belt Bridge.
Only problem is, I’ve never been to Denmark in my life.
So how to get details and properly envision what it would be like? One of the ways I do that is through Google Maps. That has been a lifesaver for me when I research my settings for any contemporary romance or urban fantasy stories that I work on. I zoom in on the areas and check street views of the spots to get a scope of things, and searching images works as well. However, I also had some help on the more detailed cultural questions since one of my friends happened to live in Denmark for awhile.
Once I wrote about it though, the travel bug bit me, and although Denmark was never on my list of places to go before, it’s marked down there now. Join me in falling in love with another city, and read Soul Solution, part of Decadent Publishing’s wonderful Beyond Fairytales series. Hopefully the city will cast the same magic on you as it did for Mina and Erik.

Soul Solution blurb:
For Erik Anderson, the Copenhagen line is his curse. He takes the train every night en route to collect souls. Like any lovelorn fool, he bargained his own long ago, and now pays the price—a lifetime of loneliness as a grim reaper.  Stay distant—that’s been his mantra and what keeps him sane.
Until Mina Castner drops into his life like a whirlwind, one spilled drink leading to staying up until dawn with the woman. He believed one night couldn’t hurt, but he sorely underestimated her determination. Every encounter between them is a reprieve from the guilt of reaping souls every night, but it can’t last. Even if she sparks long buried feelings, and even if her sheer presence intoxicates him, he can’t let this continue. For humans, his touch is poison, and if he slips up, it could cost her life.

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