New Adult, contemporary paranormal stories about shifters, weres and their love interests as they take their first real steps into adulthood and independence. Hero or heroine (or both) must be a type of shifter or were. The tales in Decadent Roar explore college life from the shapeshifter or were-shifter’s point of view. What’s it like to be away from the pack? What freedoms can be explored? What dangers lurk? Do you pledge a fraternity? What about a sorority? Does this college happen to have a shifter-only spot on Greek row? Through parties to mid-terms, to discovering who they are, characters in a Decadent Roar tale will take you on a journey through college love, the ups and the downs, and what happens when everything you thought you knew turns out to be even more difficult than you would have believed?

Decadent Roar Key Elements

Shifters and weres are key to this series, and story elements should be targeted to an adult, not teen, audience, and should contain adult contemporary themes, frank, modern language, high relationship drama and intense conflict. Impulsive actions are welcome in New Adult stories, as long as the protagonist learns something about life and themselves as a consequence of their action.

        Juicy, intense, storylines

        High-stakes emotional and/or external conflicts drive the plot

        Character development and growth are key

        Character’s actions, dress and dialogue should be age-appropriate

        One or both main characters should be in the 18-to-26 age range

        Stories can be set throughout the world, but must have a contemporary, real-world   feel

        The author's voice sets the tone for each story. Third person point of view preferred, first person will be considered on a manuscript-by-manuscript basis

        Sexual language may range from two to four flames

        LGBT, ménage, multicultural, and interracial stories are welcome

        The reader should want to befriend these characters, and fall in love with them

        While college life does have a seedier aspect, including sexual harassment and assault, no successful rape tales will be accepted. Avoiding rape, being saved from it, or turning the tables on a rapist are encouraged
        All sex should be portrayed as safe sex, including condoms (exceptions may be made only based on story context, but be prepared to hear ‘no.’)
        Internal series within a series are welcome, be prepared with potential story ideas for future books if submitting a series within a series. Please note: all books are considered individually and future submissions are not guaranteed acceptance.
        Stories should range between 15,000 to 35,000 words in length
        Longer stories will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Heroes for Decadent Roar are tough, independent, and making a place for themselves in the world. They may have alpha tendencies, but they are also capable of being vulnerable, caring, and generous.

Heroines for Decadent Roar are complex, savvy, and curious about the world they are exploring. It may be their first time on their own, they may be straining at the jesses or desperate to return to the safety of the pack—but they are also eager to discover.  It is her independent nature and intelligence that makes her desirable.

In a Decadent Roar, the hero and the heroine are equally important. They should be the characters you wanted to know, to discover, and to learn about the world alongside.

Decadent Roar is…
Felicity, The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Kindred the Embraced, Charmed, Teen Wolf—When you think about going to college it’s about independence, beginning a new chapter in your life and being an “adult” for the first time. While you still rely on your parents, you’re truly spreading your wings and the bumps and bruises along the way can have a very real impact on your future.

ROAR is the business name of the shifter hotline.

About:  At the heart of the 555-ROAR are a mysterious, nearly androgynous pair named Hui and Min. Available by text, phone call, Skype or Facebook page, this pair are considered neutral territory to all shifter and were packs regardless of alliance or wars. Established as a hotline, ROAR answers the needs of the young shifter—whether it’s locating a safe place to hunt, to meet, to mingle, or simply to get advice—and even if a character is stranded, Hui and Min may be able to send someone to help.   

ROAR is run by Hui and Min. They will not appear in person. Very little is known about the pair, or what type of shifters they might be. They can be reached from anywhere in the world and they are the only two who will ever answer the requests. We will not make any exceptions, so please don't ask.

Hui and Min are Asian, they seem rather androgynous though Hui is definitely the more male of the two while Min ‘seems’ female.

Phone calls are allowed, but Hui and Min’s conversations on the phone will be brief. They may or may not respond in later fashion either with a text or email. 

Neither Hui nor Min have any known pack mates or siblings. No one knows who they ‘belong’ to if any, but even the alphas respect them. They do not interfere in pack politics or wars. Though if a young shifter calls them for help to get away, they may send a car to let that shifter relocate or hook them up with a stronger shifter who can help.

Neither Hui nor Min will ever send someone ‘evil’ to help. They know what they’re doing. They also don’t offer bad advice. They will also not be ‘fooled’ by requests from those meaning to do ‘harm.’

Stories may involve characters from other planets or dimensions, but the story takes place in the CONTEMPORARY setting with strong paranormal elements.  No dimension-hopping or time-traveling allowed—though if a character is extremely old and a flashback is appropriate, that will be considered on a story-by-story basis.

All ROARs should have a distinct HEA ending.

We don't consider queries, proposals or partial manuscripts, nor do we consider a manuscript that is simultaneously submitted to other publishers. All manuscripts must be complete and submitted along with a submission form, which can be obtained by requesting one at: 

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