Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Christmas in July

Let’s spend a little time in London with Kissa Nazir and her hot professor bff Lucas Slate in my novella “Kissa Under The Mistletoe” Lucas is certainly the perfect kind of naughty professor to kiss under that crooky green sprig. Kissa is more than willing to do some kissing…and more!
Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year and  London is one of my favorite places in the world. So why not set a steamy romance in that fantastic city by the Thames and sprinkle everything with tinsel!
Come on along and cool down a bit as Lucas and Kissa’s relationship heats up! To help you along I’m giving away one copy of “Kissa Under the Mistletoe” to one random commenter. Tell me, what’s your favorite Christmas activity? Or for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, tell me your favorite place in the world to visit.

Professor Lucas Slate is sexy and smart and can have any woman in the world. What could he possibly want with his size fourteen best friend Kissa Nazir? When he asks her to go with him to London for the Christmas season, she thinks it is friendly moral support. But what she doesn't know is Lucas has other plans in mind for her.
     For five years, Lucas has waited for a chance to show the beautiful bellydancer he can be more than just a friend. Not taking any more chances on Kissa's love, he'll lie if he has to, cheat all the fates, and whisk her away for the holidays. One way or another, Lucas plans to live out his long-awaited fantasy. At the end of this holiday season, he's stealing more than a “Kissa Under the Mistletoe."

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