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Contemporary, provocative stories about billionaires and their love interests. Hero or heroine may be the billionaire, or both may be. At least one must be a member of LEGACY, an exclusive country club type facility and resort..  

Decadent Temptation Key Elements

Powerful, passionate and provocative contemporary romances set against a backdrop of wealth, privilege and glamour. Stories must be compelling and identifiable. Interracial and multicultural tales are preferred.

        Juicy, intense, dramatic storylines with a highly sensual feel
        High-stakes emotional and/or external conflicts drive the plot
        Character development and growth are key
        Fresh takes on classic themes
        Stories can be set throughout the world, but must begin or end at the club
§  If the author wants to use a foreign locale or language, be sure it has been checked and translated correctly.
        The author's voice sets the tone for each story
        Sexual language may range from two to four flames
        The reader should want to befriend these characters, and fall in love with the hero
        LGBT, Ménage, BDSM are welcome
        Stories should range between 35,000 to 60,000 words in length
§  Stories meeting all other guidelines, but shorter in length, will have the option to be published as a Decadent Tease (15,000 to 30,000)

Heroes for Decadent Temptation are wealthy, powerful and definitely alphas. They have a sense of entitlement, but they are also capable of being vulnerable, caring, and generous.

Heroines for Decadent Temptation are complex, tough, and know who they are and what they want to do with their lives. She may be wealthy in her own right, or not, but it is her spirit, her smarts, and her strong will that make her desirable. 

In a Decadent Temptation, the hero and the heroine are equally important. He should be someone the reader can fall in love with and she should be someone a reader wants to be friends with.

Decadent Temptation is…
Dynasty, Dallas, Revenge, Sex in the City, Hotel—think wealth, glamour, and intense story arcs—family drama is acceptable, but the story focus should be on the hero and heroine and their romantic entanglements.  

The Legacy Club
About:  At the Legacy, the members may have things more unusual in common than exclusive bloodlines or shared memories of freshman year at Harvard. The club is for the ultra-wealthy, new or old money. It’s an exclusive membership—and it costs.

Membership:  Members don’t apply—they are invited. No one knows the exact criteria except for the Board of Directors. To receive an invitation indicates the prospective member has reached a pinnacle of success. The cost to join: a $100,000 initiation fee and $25,000 a year thereafter. Although the club doesn’t advertise, some of the city’s greatest charitable benefactors are found on the club’s rolls leading some to conclude that it is the great acts of charity and commitment to community that earn an invitation.

Concierge: Killian. First or last name—nobody knows for sure, but it’s the only name he goes by. As the club concierge, he’s indispensable. He may hold mail for absentee tenants and look after their apartments, provide information to residents and guests, provide access to and will enforce club rules, and act as a go-between for residents and management. He can find just about anything, knows just about everyone, remembers everything he hears, and is discreet to a fault. 

At six-foot, he’s tall, well spoken and has no trace of an accent. He speaks multiple languages fluently, and appears somewhere in his late thirties, early forties. He is not a romantic interest, no exceptions, and will rebuff politely, any romantic overture made toward him. He takes his work very seriously and is personable, but maintains a cool politeness in even the most volatile of situations. No one’s fool, people trying to ‘sneak’ onto the grounds will find that Killian removes them before they can get past the lobby.

Amenities: The Legacy Club has its own restaurant, terrace, bar, lounge and private dining room. Privileged members have access to spas, salons, barbers, fitness room, private trainers, masseuse therapists and more. Members also have access to speakers, rare art, artists, and even a satellite office to handle business while visiting.  The Legacy Club maintains the latest sports vehicles that can be ‘rented’ from the club for the duration of a stay. 

Dress code: No dress code is required for Legacy members outside of one or two of the private dining rooms where formal attire is expected.

For The Street: Chances are, Legacy members will rub elbows with the world’s wealthiest men and women. Business may be conducted and members are allowed to ‘rent suites’ if they are visiting from out of town. No one enters the Legacy without membership and visitors are limited to specific areas only when vouched for by a member.

We don't consider queries, proposals or partial manuscripts, nor do we consider a manuscript that is simultaneously submitted to other publishers. All manuscripts must be complete and submitted along with a submission form, which can be obtained by requesting one at:

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