Wednesday, June 17, 2015

School isn’t out for the Summer…Yet!

By Brandy Walker

It may be time for the kids to get out of school for the year but not at Shifter U. The students at the shifter only college are still chugging along trying to make it through the year some having a better time than others. Changing Her Tune Book 2 picks up the story we caught a glimpse of in Shifted Plans. Tess Flanagan, the angry and humiliated band student we met briefly, is finally shaking it all off. She no longer spends every free moment locked in her room shunning the population around her. In fact, her perky cheerleader housemate has convinced her to head out to the Wash & Wait Laundromat on a late night laundry run. Granted she promised there wouldn’t be anyone else there but promises like that can never be kept.
I loved diving back into the Shifter U world and seeing how everyone was doing. There’s glimpse of Avery and Declan. A look into Blaire’s life. And of course a run in with the sexy Braun brothers.
If you haven’t read the first book, Shifted Plans, now is a great time to grab it. For a limited time it is $0.99 on Amazon! Come and discover Shifter U – Home of the Lions, Tigers, Bears…and more.
GIVEAWAY: One lucky commenter will win a copy of the first book Shifted Plans, just answer the following question in the comments.
What kind of classes would you expect to see at a shifter only college?

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Men suck…
Tess Flanagan is determined to make it through her final year of college even if it kills her. After months of hurt and humiliation thanks to her ex-boyfriend, she’s finally shaking off her anger and pain. Her future holds promise—or it did until a new guy, the star receiver on the football team, mistakenly thinks her roommate is his mate when it’s actually her.
One tiny mistake…
Big man on campus, Austin Shaw looks forward to a promising career in the Pro-Shifter Football League. He has an awesome life—hot women, great friends, and a loving family. But when he scents his mate, his “perfect game” gets thrown off.
More than meets the eye…
Austin soon finds out it’ll take more than a sexy grin and big personality to get Tess to talk to him. She’s nothing like the woman he knows, and there’s something going on just beneath the surface. Can ROAR help them discover the true path to happiness?

Brandy is a paranormal romance author who, on occasion, likes to dabble with contemporary. She’s addicted to murder mystery shows and who-done-its. You’ll almost never see her without some type of skull paraphernalia on and is always dreaming of more tattoos.
Brandy is a Navy brat, prior enlisted Army, current Army wife, and mom. She lives in Virginia with her husband of almost 20 years, their three kids and one dog.


karlee_kay said...

I would expect some survival and maybe some science courses.

Michele Miracle said...

I would expect some courses on nature, animals, and the different sciences including behavioral sciences.

Donna said...

Animal psychology or getting in touch with your inner animal

Unknown said...

Clothes 101. Preserving, care and storage tips for times of shifting.
Kathi S.

Brandy W said...

This winner is Kathi Soniat.
Shoot an email to brandy @ and we'll get your book to you!

Thank you everyone for stopping by and commenting.

Unknown said...

Yay!! Thank you!
Will email post haste!!