Thursday, June 18, 2015

Getting in the Mood

By Landra Graf

I’ve talked about music before in blog posts on my personal site and on the Decadent 1Night Stand blog. As I continue guest posting each week leading up to the release, today I want to talk about the songs behind the story.
For one, the book is set in 1936. I was a purist at heart, so I specifically looked at songs written in 1936. The top songs of the year, but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for so I expanded the search to songs from the 30s. I struck gold. The 30s is a wonderful era of new sounds form the soulful Delta Blues to the swinging tracks reminiscent of the 20s. Then there’s Gershwin and Irving Berlin. So much talent… and the music they weaved.
I played to the blues and Cab Calloway to get the inspiration for the skin-trader den. The classical and Gershwin for Sorella and Ian’s invasion of an embassy ballroom. Fred Astaire for the romantic moments. Glenn Miller to carry me through the motions and some Fats Waller just because. In some cases I loved a song from the period, but preferred it in sweet Ella’s voice, Queen of Jazz, over all others.
There’s a couple tracks from movie soundtracks as well, not from the 30’s, but they made me think of the characters — who they were and who they are. One of the tracks got me in the mind frame for action sequences.
As the time passes I still find myself going back to that playlist. Listening to the music and relishing in how the same characters, scenes, and images play back in my mind. One of the best parts of writing the book is the journey the author takes to compose the story. Here’s the playlist for you. Enjoy the journey. If not for the book, for the musical adventure the list takes you on.

Raven Pirate Assassin Spy Playlist
Dawn – Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack
Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Fats Waller
I Got Rhythm – Ella Fitzgerald
Charleston – Sam Levine
The Dipsy Doodle – Ella Fitzgerald
Cross Road Blues – Robert Johnson
Minnie the Mooch – Cab Calloway
The Jumpin’ Jive – Cab Calloway
In the Mood – Glenn Miller
Moonlight Serenade – Glenn Miller
Cheek to Cheek – Fred Astaire
By Strauss – Ella Fitzgerald
The Blue Danube Waltz – Johann Strauss
Black Tears – Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack

About the Author: 

Landra Graf consumes at least one book a day, and has always been a sucker for stories where true love conquers all. She believes in the power of the written word, and the joy such words can bring. In between spending time with her family and having book adventures, she writes romance with the goal of giving everyone, fictional or not, their own happily ever after. You can find Landra at: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or on her Website.

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