Monday, November 4, 2013

Traipsing Through Tropes

By Landra Graf

Everyone has favorite tropes. Certain ones are easier to write as well. My favorite trope has always been reunited lovers or at least people who should’ve been lovers now given a second chance. From a writing perspective it’s not hard to develop the relationship because in some way these characters already had a previous relationship either as friends, lovers, or enemies. One character is usually a bit infatuated or at least fancied themselves in love with their opposite. Whatever the reason the ties are broken: a misunderstanding, an argument gone wrong, betrayal, deceit, familial obligation. I find myself hopelessly caught up in how these two people, meant to be together, will overcome the odds and find a happily ever after.

So when two of my characters appeared wounded and seeking someone to help heal their hurts and understand their needs, I knew Madame Eve would be the one who get them back together. Trust me when I say while reuniting characters creates some great conflict and can evoke a lot of emotion, those words are as tough to write as a query letter or synopsis. The end result is magic and if you’re a fan of the reunited lover’s trope then the 1Night Stand series is a good place to find some.

My characters, Royce and Victoria, were childhood best friends until a disastrous first kiss in college. It’s been years since these two have seen each other, long enough for Royce to not realize Victoria is the woman he’s set up on a 1Night Stand with. For all the sexual tension in the room and the desire to be close there’s plenty of baggage these two have to drag through before the light at the end of the tunnel.

This would be another reason reunited lovers is my favorite trope, all the secrets have to come out of the closet.

Now I ask you is reunited lovers a favorite trope of yours? Or do you prefer tropes less or more volatile?

Blurb: Royce is looking for a woman who won’t cringe at the words “sexual submissive,” and a chance for all his fantasies to come true. The 1Night Stand he signed up for was supposed to be simple with no attachments, but when his match is his ex-best friend, simple goes out the window. He can’t stop seeking the answers to why Victoria left or deny his new-found attraction to her.

Victoria has loved Royce forever, but his rejection of her affections eight years ago caused her to walk away from everything. She’s not the same girl from college, and no longer naive and willing to run too just anyone. A sexual dominant born from her mistakes, she wants a chance to start a relationship based on her terms. She’ll settle for one night, but she’s planning on forever.

What You Need’s release date is TBD.

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