Friday, November 1, 2013

Tie Down My Heart

Tie Down My Heart available HERE
By Linda Carroll-Bradd

The dozen years I lived in San Antonio, Texas sparked a love of the cowboy myth and an appreciation for rodeo as a sport/lifestyle. Sure, many of the competitors at the local and regional rodeos work weekdays herding cattle, fixing fences, managing stud services, and worrying over the latest beef prices. But come Friday and Saturday nights, they transform into the heroes of the rodeo arena. They become the football quarterbacks (another Texas passion) who drive hard for the goal—be it roping a calf in the fastest time, or staying upright for the longest period on the back of a bucking bronc or bull.

In his teens, hero Chayton Red Fox viewed the rodeo as a way to make a life away from the Navajo Nation. His heart ties are strong with his remaining family on the reservation but his wandering spirit keeps him riding the circuit. Although his biggest prize money days are behind him, he is determined to continue competing—the rodeo is all he knows.

Didi Pierpont is no stranger to rodeo life—her two brothers are competitors, and for many, she competed for the title of rodeo queen. In her youth, she also partied with quite a few of the rodeo riders. Who could resist the way those chaps accented a fit and firm backside? Now she embarks on a new career as a journalist covering the regional rodeos, but no one will take her seriously.

Enjoy the clash of two determined individuals in Tie Down My Heart, a contemporary western romance that releases today.

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