Monday, October 1, 2012

The Mystery Behind The Mask

by Kali Willows

There is something so romantic about throwing theme parties, or attending a costume ball. It’s as much of a rush as writing a fictional story, building settings and characters and just bringing the story to life for that brief moment in time.
But, …I want to know what are your thoughts about a masquerade ball? The elaborate Venetian costumes made with regal brocade, the Baroque music filling the air, couples dancing until the wee hours of the morning in their the fancy wigs, it’s like stepping back in time where debonair men had to take charge, but also woo the ladies with the gentleman’s courtship.
What about taking a seaside walk in the sand, with bare feet, and an overcast sky with the heady scent of brine lingering about you? The distant squawking of seagulls overhead, signalling the coming of a brewing storm, or the rippling mounds of seaweed layering the talc sand along the shoreline?
My very first story with Decadent Publishing has a castle in Spain, with a Venetian ball and a night of lovin’ the hero and heroine will never forget. I have to admit, I’m also a sucker for thunder storms and bolts of lightening on a beach.
Designing Passion is a steamy story about second chances and romantic escape. I want to know how you would feel about the prospect of making love to a man in a mask? Would you want him to take the mask off and see who you’re with? Or would you prefer the dangerous feeling of the mystery behind the mask?

Fifteen years ago, Tawny Reeve was in love, but her wealthy, jet-setting parents went to cruel lengths to separate her from her middle class lover. Emotionally barren, she despairs of ever finding love again. A friend sent her an email address with only a name in the subject line: “Madame Evangeline”. Tawny doubts she is capable of a normal, loving relationship, but maybe she can handle a one-night stand, at least meeting her body’s needs, if not her heart’s.

Wyatt Mackenzie is an accomplished architect with a lonely lifestyle. None of the debutantes and gorgeous women he dates have brought him the electrifying passion he hopes to rekindle from his youth. There was only one who captured his heart, and then smashed it into a thousand pieces. An email from his client at the Castillo hotel in Vegas, offers a solution to his passionless life: “Email Madame Evangeline, and she can make your wildest dreams come true.”

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Happy Reading, 
Kali Willows

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