Sunday, June 24, 2012

Exotic Settings for Erotic Stories

By Kali Willows

The process of plotting out a new story is a rollercoaster from the initial build up, to pure elation, back to a little self-doubt, reconfiguring, and forward to exquisite bliss when it weaves together in a big, beautiful, moving tale. Half the joy for me in creating sagas of romance, intrigue and adventure, is finding and studying new settings for my characters to develop and explore in.

So far, in my 1NS stories alone, we have a beachside castle in Spain, a Halloween ball in Salem Massachusetts, a haunted ghost walk in Savannah Georgia, an underwater hotel room off the coast of Main, and a hidden hotel room inside Niagara Falls. In my newest story that I’ve just completed, and still editing (submitting as soon as edits are done!); Tantric Storm, is a spa inside a volcano, then a hill top rendezvous at the peak!

I love travelling, however, at this stage in my life, married mother of two little ones with a full-time job and too many bills to pay; travelling is a luxury I don’t get to indulge in as often as I would like. To get my fix of exotic locations, my muse leads me to places to examine, and the details take on a life of their own.

Other WIP I have, collecting dust for the time being, is some Druid mythology in an outwardly place, my psychic story starts in a small Ontario town in Canada, and moves to LA, there’s also one, an entire series, outlined in a warm, dry, mystical place. This series, is shaping up to becoming an epic tale, so until it’s ready to be published, I’ll keep the details a mystery J

Curious as to what readers would like to see next, I created an online survey about various aspects they would like to see in a story. Everything from genre and length, to specific settings. So far, I had some interesting results, but I am keeping the survey active, still looking for more reader input.

I want YOU to tell me where my next published story should take place! This survey has multiple choice options, as well as an “other” option, to add specific suggestions! I would LOVE to get your feedback.

Tell me where you want a story to take place, and what the appeal about that location would be! Comment here, 
for a chance to win a Decadent book of your choice!

Link to my survey:

Happy Reading!
Kali Willows


Jessica E. Subject said...

Hey, Kali!

I've already taken the survey, but I think a setting near water, especially a waterfall, is very exotic.

All the best!
jessicasubject.writer at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Thanks Jess!!! Then you'll love my Witch's Warrior! If I ever get back to final edits, lol

Thanks for playing :-)

V.S. Morgan said...

Great setting ideas, Kali! I completed your survey.

I like tropical or areas of nature but urban gritty is calling me lately - like a sexed up nightclub. woot!

Unknown said...

Lol, Thanks for filling it out VS, I have a number of WIP that got shelved and it's amazing most of them fit in with what the majority are routing for! I'll keep you posted :-)