Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween – Casea's Scary Playlist

For those of you who don't know me, I hate scary!  I don't like scary books. 
I don't like scary movies.
I don't like haunted houses or even costume shops.
Fear is not an emotion I get pleasure from.

However, I do, on occasion, indulge in scary music. (as long as it's not too scary) 
Here is my Top 10 list of personal favorite scary songs. Take a minute listen to a couple. Enjoy a candy treat.

Happy Halloween!!


One Knight in Brooklyn
After signing up for a one-night stand through an exclusive matching agency, hopeless romantic Marianne Caldwell is swept away to a medieval land where she hopes to spend the night with a worthy man of honor.
Unsure of how she got from the Castillo Hotel in Las Vegas to a castle in the English countryside, Mare finds Robert, whose stunning physique and winning smile immediately convince her he's the Robin Hood she's been seeking.  But despite his efforts in saving her from a corrupt sheriff, his Jersey Shore accent and coarse ways unravel her romantic visions.
With her fairytale fantasies coming unhinged, Mare must decide if Robert is just a crass car salesman from Brooklyn or the chivalrous knight she's looking for. 

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Barbara Elsborg said...

Good song choice!!
I don't mind scary things as long as I know they're not real! Though I do have to hide behind the couch if a movie goes too far.
I like the pics, Casea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Barbara.

I don't do scary very well. I get too emotionally invested.

Barbara Elsborg said...

My mum and I used to like really scary films but husband doesn't like them at all. Mum would stay up to all hours watching them on TV - funny because any hint of nudity or 'immoral' behaviour and the TV was off and letters flashed to the TV companies - but blood, guts and gore - she loved. Bless her soul!!

Anonymous said...

Barbara - That's hilarious! It's so true. Everyone has their own level of tolerance for different things.

She didn't mind seeing a woman's heart ripped from her body but didn't want to see her naked boob. LOL I get that.

P. Kirby said...

When I was a kid, I absolutely couldn't handle anything scary. Even the sight of a skull freaked me out.

Now, I love horror. For Christmas, my husband got me a new welding helmet that is decorated with skull designs. I write vampires and other dark things.

The only thing I don't like is so-called torture p*rn. Stuff like Saw. I prefer my horror to be based in the supernatural. Ghost, ghoulies and zombies. Love zombies!

Tonight, I'll be engaging in my Halloween tradition. Nightmare Before Christmas, one of my fave movies.

Renee Charles said...

Hey Kary, My fav scary song, Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo. Danny Elfman is a genius!

Jessica E. Subject said...

Thriller is a song I have listened to every Halloween for as long as I can remember.

Liz said...

I am a girnormous chicken ever since the frist Freddie Kruger movie kept me awake for literally 2 weeks. ick.
I will admit to be slightly addicted to this new zombie show (Walking dead) mainly because ever since that funny zombie movie with Woody Harrelson I'm not so afraid of them anymore.

Hales said...

Sounds great!!!

Jenna said...

Love your list, Casea! I love The Time Warp (and Rocky Horror for that matter) and of course Thriller is my fave for this time of year.

Pretty scary list for someone who doesn't like scary. LOL What about "The Monster Mash?" :)

Anonymous said...

How about that song by Maxwell, the one where Michael Jackson is guest singer and says,"I always feel like somebody's watching meeeeee."


Eve Edwards said...

Great list, Casea! While I don't like to watch horror movies, I love watching TV shows this time of year that showcase haunted places around the world. Been getting my fix, lol. After Halloween, the TV needs to stay off until all the sappy Christmas shows hit. Then it goes back on;)