Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cerise DeLand's Spotlight!

What is the most self-indulgent thing you've ever done?
Aside from have too much chocolate or shots of tequila (or insert fave alcohol)?
When I look back on those pleasures I've taken for myself, I have to say most of them involved shopping!

When in the corporate world, I bought loads of SHOES! Finely tailored suits. (Walking into the Board room demanded spiffy duds, didn't they?) And years later, I still have them. Most fit...although now, as a stay at home author, who needs them?
What else did I buy? One year, in cold Washington, D.C., I went to a sale at a local furrier's. I have, love, and do still wear whenever I can in south Texas, a full length white sheared beaver by Pierre Cardin. People drop in their tracks. I love the warmth!
Five years ago, I bought the ultimate yum-yum. A convertible.
Hubbie calls it my Silver Bullet. I call it Heaven. Wind in my hair, sunglasses on, I do the grocery store and the coffee shop in gleeful style. Expensive, sure.
But again for a gal who sits at home in her office and writes nearly every day of the week, this one has to have fun!
I figure since I don't spend money on those executive suits any longer, nor a lot of alcohol, nor cigarettes (though I used to and still CRAVE one now and then--yes, that is me staring at those who smoke and wanting to bum one), I can "afford" these things.

What else do I spend money on?
Great soap. Great perfume. My hair and my glasses cuz I wear them every day!

What do you indulge in?
Let's hear it!

(And come visit me at my website, to see how well I've spent my time each day!)


Barbara Elsborg said...

I LOVE that cover!!!!
My indulgence? Australian liquorish. Black. I'm drooling. I know it doesn't sound like an extravagance but I'm not in the slightest bit interested in 'things' - cars are just to get from a to b, clothes - well why have more than one of anything? -same with shoes - hair - my husband cuts mine and I HATE sitting in a hair salon, nails - paint them myself - but if I want a treat - black Oz liquorish is what I go for.

Kate Richards said...

Cerise I told you you brought us so much clss, and you have style too! I'm fast becoming a personal fan as well as a fan of your work! Life is too short not to enjoy, but sometimes I forget that. Thanks!

Jenna said...

Love the cover! He would make my Christmas! LOL I see holiday reading ahead. :)

My real indulgence is travel. I love to be on the go, especially out of the country. My family is traveling at both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year and we already have trips planned for the spring and summer. I just need to figure out how to write while in the car!

Liz said...

a really great massage at least twice a month, an excellent facial by someone who knows what she is doing, and getting regular pedicures. I no longer consider these things "luxuries." More like "Maintenance."
great post and beautiful cover!

Anonymous said...

I have a purse thing. I hate wearing shoes (my mother us to call me a fish wife because of it), so I have more flip flops than actual SHOE shoes. Clearly not my indulgence. I can get a pair of shoes at Payless and they last years because, well, I never wear them! LOL I am 95% of the time shoe-less.

SO, purses. Bags. LOVE affair. I have several 'names' and I always go to Cons with my Gigi Hill carry-all. It's big enough to hold some swag and all my stuff and it's washable and gorgeous and I LOVE Gigi Hill bags. The mall close to me just opened a Charming Charlies and it's freakin' accessory HEAVEN. I walked in and it was like the heavens opened, light shone down, and I heard the angels chorus. LLLAAAAAA!!!!! Much fun there.

I also like good candles, so I get Gold Canyon or, in a pinch, Yankee.


p.s. The convertible--husband had one when we married and it was fun. Driving along the beach in SoCal with the top down in a fast car is very cliche', but awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit sad. My decedent spend item is yarn. But it has to be really great yarn . . . hand-dyed, hand-spun . . . and some yummy or unusual fiber.

I also love good soap. My husband cringes when he sees my soap stash. Not sure which is worse, the soap stash or the yarn stash!

I've never been a girly girl so purses and shoes never really did it for me, but soap is my luxury item.

And I have my eye on a new Mustang GT! :-)