Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Scum Among Us...

(As a caveat - please place tongue firmly in cheek before reading this!)

To Whom It May Concern:
     As a published author with Decadent Publishing, I would like to register a complaint. Particularly with your 'author relations' department. See below the scathing email I received from one of your submissions 'specialists.'
    You are scum. Pond scum, that green slimy kind. I read this and couldn't find one stinkin' Kleenex in the whole house and had to resort to toilet paper.
    I definitely want to contract this. I LOVED it. But I still think you're scum for making me cry.   
    Really, is this any way to communicate to your contracted 'employees'!
    I will accept nothing less than a proper flogging!
    Thank you. 

Wendy Burke


All kidding aside, that IS a portion of an email I was sent regarding my latest story, The One He Chose (and I do consider it a wonderful compliment!) I never thought I would write short stories, but when the first line came to me- I want to get drunk, get f*****d, and not give a damn- I couldn't help but get sucked in to  the world (happily!) of Decadent Publishing's Madame Eve and her 1 Night Stand agency. The rest of the story, pretty much wrote itself.
Sean Casey
While I'm not going to give away the gist of the story, I can give you some visuals. DP's amazing Cover artist, Dara England nailed the heroine, Grace. She is perfect. The 'inspiration' for Jake, was Sean Casey. (Yes, I do have a thing for baseball players!) When you read the story, however, you are more than welcome to ascribe your own physical attributes to the characters - that, of course, is the most wonderful thing about reading - painting your own mental pictures.

As for the story, watch Trace Adkins' Still Love You. When The One He Chose is released, let me know if the song does the story justice and vica versa.

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'The One He Chose' is Wendy Burke's second story with Decadent Publishing.'Respite' released in May is on sale now.  Wendy blogs regularly for Daily Dose of Decadence and can be found at her local writers' group website, on Facebook, Wendy Burke Author, on Twitter: @WendyBurke1994 or you can send her a scathing email at When not playing with the people in her head, she is either directing traffic behind the assignment desk at a television station, or irritating her chef husband and two furry feline children.


Jessica E. Subject said...

Must read this. I love when a book makes me cry.

Valerie Mann said...

I still think you're pond scum. But anyone who likes Trace is okay in my book. Nobody can do a sexy growl like him! LOL

Maureen said...

Ah! One of THOSE books! ;-)

I hope you save the e-mail, print it and frame it!

Wendy Burke said...

Thanks everyone. I actually enjoy scum- the green slimey kind makes my skin incredibly soft!

Happy reading - happy sniffling Jessica!


Samantha Gail said...

LOL! Pond scum as skin softener. Hmmm...I've been going about this all wrong:)