Monday, June 20, 2011

Wings of a Butterfly Playlist

Writing my latest short for the 1NS series had seen a reconnect with some old loves, and discoveries of new. Here goes (part of) my playlist:
Baby - Justin Bieber feat Ludacris

 A constant staple, this bubblegum is laced with narcotic, I tell you. Funny thing, to date, I have not liked any other Bieber song.

Cuando Me Enamoro - Enrique Iglesias y Juan Luis Guerra

 Enrique returns from hiphop hell! Hurray for longtime fans who'd been there since his first eponymous album.

Si pudiera bajarte una estrella del cielo
Lo haría sin pensarlo dos veces, porque te quiero, ay
Y hasta un lucero, ay
If I could get a star from the sky for you
I would do it without second thoughts
[And] Because I love you
I would reach the stars

Niña Bonita - Chino y Nacho
A combination of upbeat tunes and sweet lyrics to keep this author amused.
Te queda pequeña la frase "Te quiero"
Por eso mis labios te dicen "Te amo"
The words "I like you" are not enough
That's why my lips say "I love you"

Nel blu di pinto di blu (Volare) - Domenico Modugno
Love this song in all its iterations from Gipsy Kings to Luciano Pavarotti, but Modugno's version suits the mood of Wings of a Butterfly.

Abhi Kuch Dino Se - Mohit Chauhan (from the movie Dil To Baccha Hai Ji)

Like Bieber's Baby, I need some pop to rein in sentimentality. A feel-good Bollywood pop number usually does the trick.
Amor Imposible - El Duo con Clase
Er, a song titled Impossible Love. How can it not be perfect for a story about two people meeting for a brief, perfect night and separated by time?
Loca - Shakira ft. El Cata
Dance, or die. Heh. 'Nuff said.
 If any of these intrigue you, they are all on YouTube. Have fun!


Dominique Eastwick said...

Loved the Music chooses, thanks for sharing.

Fabian Black said...

What a great play list, I'm going to listen to them all. :) Thanks for sharing.


P. Kirby said...

Mmmm. Enrique. Shakira. Some of my go-to singers for great Latin music. :)

A said...

Hope everyone enjoys them! :)