Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Because a Dragon’s Passion burns deep inside…!

By: Kali Willows

I wrote my first dragon 1NS story about a scorching ménage romance, of super yummy parahuman twins & a divorcee with a tricky twist of her own in: Double Dragon Seduction, in 2011. Little did I know I had just embarked on a sizzling literary path that would drive me full-speed ahead to continue this into a full, multi-generational, mini-series. The interracial tale of this threesome that scooted off to a hidden romantic getaway under Niagara Falls, took on a life of its own.
The vision of my delicious, identical twins; Tatsu and Yong Li. Tall, dark and bright jade eyes, with a fiery lineage that makes finding romance illusive, proved highly addictive. I loved these characters so much, even after they were published and became my best-selling story. With a mere HFN ending, I had to give them an even greater tale. Next came a rift in my yummy shifter’s love triangle, in Dragon Temptation, that included an exotic destination wedding, jilted lovers and unexpected adventure that includes the bride’s best friend, Cindy Dunham. The third in the series, Dragon’s Breath, brought in their sexy, daredevil cousin, Kaida Li, who has some romance to seek out with a unique hunk of stony burning love, Roark Blackwell.
If that wasn’t juicy enough, as the series grew, I was compelled by reader questions to delve into the past and further explore my dragon’s Chinese ancestry. So, last came the story of Shen Li and Lien Long, Dragon’s Bond, who fell in love at first sight, but tradition and tragedy had torn them apart. Both fled their home of China and began separate lives in San Francisco, until a little mystical help from Madame Eve and their friends bring them face to face, once again.
For fans of this sizzling series, it will become available in a bundle package February 10, 2015, with a little extra bonus to tie the family tress and culture together for you! I am also so please to share, it will be available for an AMAZING PRICE, compliments of Decadent Publishing! Soon after, a print copy will be made available by April 2015.

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