Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hey Rebecca!

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Hey Rebecca, how did you end up writing contemporary?

Well, that’s a good question! A while ago, I was minding my own business on Facebook when my message box popped up. It was Heather Bennett and JoAnne Kenrick.  They’d had a great idea. A calendar series, one hot guy every month who would be part of the same calendar. The stories could come before, during, or after the calendar shoot. 

The idea blossomed and Aidan was born! And then Stacey soon followed. 

I hope you love them! I do.
Where do your ideas come from?

Its really amazing, isn’t it? That an idea for an entire story can take place from one conversation over Facebook.  To be honest, there were aspects of this had been brewing for a while. I lived in New Orleans for three years, met my husband there, and loved the idea of putting a book together there again. It had been a while. 
I loved the idea of love reunited. Of old hurts being faced ad let go. 

The thing about Aidan and Stacey is that they have both faced a lot of problems and successes in their time away from each other. Stacey is an award winning photographer. She would not have that career if she and Aidan had continued together on the path they were on.  Aidan is a doctor.  That had not been on his agenda before he left home.

Relationships are never perfect but if timing is everything than perhaps February of this year is finally the time for Aidan and Stacey. Come see how they get there!

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