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Bad Luck with Besties

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by Zee Monodee

Can the magic of Christmas bring about second chances? Bad Luck With Besties (The Daimsbury Chronicles #1), an upcoming release by Zee Monodee

Honor Whelan and Liam Morelli ask themselves this question in the upcoming first book from my small-town Daimsbury Chronicles series at Decadent Publishing.

Set in the small, fictional Surrey village of Daimsbury, come meet a cast of quirky people who exist among busybodies and childhood friends. In a place where everyone knows the other, and nosy old biddies know your business even before you do, finding love can be a challenge.

And what if you and the person you love have a loaded past? Honor Whelan and Liam Morelli were best friends in the past. Together with Rose Payne, they formed an unholy trinity of popularity at their secondary school.

Until the day Rose confessed Liam had gotten her pregnant...and Honor, who had loved Liam all her life, ran away to Wales.

Fourteen years later, Honor is back in Daimsbury, where she swore she’d never set foot, alone, destitute, and...pregnant. The girl really has no luck, because her gay best friend got her up the duff then refused to take on his responsibility.

Honor is expecting another man’s child, while Liam has a thirteen-year-old daughter. It’s Christmas and the season of miracles. Is one in the cards for these two?

Bad Luck With Besties
Book 1 of The Daimsbury Chronicles
(November 2013 from Decadent Publishing)

   Honor Whelan has always run into back luck with her male best friends. Abandoned by the one she'd considered her bestie for 11 years after he got her pregnant during a one-night-stand, she finds herself destitute and alone, with no other choice but to head home to the Surrey village of Daimsbury.
   14 years earlier, Honor left Daimsbury after her then best-friend and the boy she loved, Liam Morelli, got another of their friends pregnant.
Honor had run... but today, she can no longer hide. Especially not when Fate throws her straight into Liam's path, and he starts to show signs of wanting a second chance with her.
   Will her bad luck with besties chase her even now?


She travelled her gaze to the dining table, bare except for the two white documents in stark contrast against the mahogany wood. Which one should she contemplate first? Not that she hadn’t spent the past three months poring over them. Glancing at the papers inevitably shocked her like a solid punch to the gut.
What had she expected, really? Jonathan might have gotten her up the duff during one drunken night, yet he still remained totally gay. The flat and all its contents belonged to him. He wouldn’t get his hands on her book collection, that was for sure. But everything else, he’d ditched. Like a person picked up a rotten sock with the barest pinch of fingers and tossed that in the rubbish bin.
A flutter, like something pulling inside, started in her belly. She placed a hand on the spot where a baby grew in her and closed her eyes. She could almost feel the kid calming from the touch. Doctors might say whatever they wanted, she knew her body. Her baby was alive and proud to exist. Why couldn’t Jonathan see that?
She sighed and forced her eyes open. Her gaze landed on the eviction papers. Her three months’ notice would run up in a day, and she no longer held hope that Jonathan would come round and tell her that everything had been a mistake, that he hadn’t meant to cut her, and his child, out of his life and throw her out on her arse, to boot.
She snorted. She’d been an idiot. The minute she’d confessed about her pregnancy, all shades of her best friend for the past eleven years had vanished. The cold, hard man she’d faced had turned tail and run to his former lover, the same one who had dumped him like a rotten sock, too. The most misogynistic bastard Honor had ever encountered. No wonder Jonathan, under his influence, sent her not only an eviction notice, but also the papers wherein he renounced all rights on the baby and requested she never bother him with anything pertaining to that child.
How could she have been so wrong about him? A tear rolled down her cheek. She should know, shouldn’t she, having an awful track record with male best friends. Hadn’t Liam Morelli gotten Rose Payne, the other member of their trinity, pregnant when they’d all been seventeen?
And speaking of Liam.... No, she couldn’t think of him. He’d returned to Daimsbury where she was headed, but she had no other choice. She had to go back, because the family house in that Surrey village was the only thing she owned.

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