Thursday, November 14, 2013

An Out of Place Interview

Out of Place Mate available HERE
**explicit language**

by Eva LeFoy

Welcome, Rebecca Royce! We have some questions for you about your steamy Edge series book, Out of Place Mate!

When we first meet Sean, he's upset. He thinks his two brothers aren't focused enough on their work and have possibly been railroaded into marriage by a couple of gold diggers. He's also making not-very-nice comments about shifters--in a bar full of them! Doh! But when Victoria drags him off, he doesn't seem to mind too much. What is it about Victoria that attracts him right off? 

Well, she’s a beautiful woman and although he doesn’t know it yet, he is her mate.  There is something about her that draws him and he can’t help but be completely taken with her. Even though he’s really annoyed with his brothers.

It's not too long before Victoria has him thinking with his cock. Why is there such a disconnect between Sean's head and his body? He's almost open mouth - insert foot! But his body responds to Victoria as if he was made for her.

He was made for her, literally. Why is there a disconnect?  Well, he’s really, really attracted to her, and Gunther’s bar is a place where that kind of magic seems to take place.

When Sean sees her naked, what does the sight trigger in him? What place does it touch?

The protective side. The side that has him rushing into a bar ready to do battle for his brothers, is that same side that makes him want to keep Victoria safe, keep her his forever.

How hard is it for Victoria to let him see her that way? Why does she, knowing how Sean thinks of shifters already? Victoria thinks Sean is an alpha male of a lover. I can see hints of this. Tell us, if Sean wanted to go all alpha lover on her, what would he do? 

Oh, its really hard and made more difficult since he is human and she doesn’t trust them. I don’t know if I can say in a PG forum what he would do! LOL 

I think part of being an Alpha lover is being very protective of your partner/mate.  I think he would make sure she was really sexually satisfied and comfortable all the time.

They seem like two of sides of the same soul. Were they both searching, always for the other half?

Yes. They belong together.

Why does Sean still smell like sandalwood and why didn't he change out of his tux?

He didn’t change out of his tux because he was so focused on getting to his brothers that he never had the time and as for the sandalwood, I think we all have our unique scents and that one is his.

Is he going to ride again now? I mean, besides Victoria : )

Ha! Maybe. 

I won't say what Victoria does to Sean at the end, but...was she just as surprised as he was?

Completely surprised.  But Gunther’s Bar was very good to that family….

Thanks for sharing this one! It's a great sexy short.

Eva LeFoy

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Heather Hand said...

I hate to admit it (especially in front of Eva) but I have never read this series! Me, a shifter slut on Goodreads, has never even heard of them. How embarrassing!

Well thank you Eva for rectifying this frightful error and introducing me to some obviously hot bikers and shifters. I am forever in your debt. This sounds like my kind of series!

Unknown said...

I also have to admit to not knowing about this series, so thank you Eva for featuring it. It sounds great and this story even has Jimmy on the cover. *grin* I adore Rebecca Royce's Westervelt Wolves series, so I am sure this is excellent as well.

Hmmmm...favorite I have to just pick one? Okay if I have to pick just one, how about what Allie Ritch calls an omnimorph - a shifter who can change into many different forms.

Anonymous said...

I've read some of Eva's shifter books and boy are they hot, hot, hot!

My favorite kind of shifter is a wolf, followed closely by bears. There's just something special about a species that tends to mate for life that really appeals to me. And, bears...well, don't let the cuddly exterior fool you - they will protect their mates.

mmmazuros at yahoo dot com

Taryn Kincaid said...

Bikers, shifters, The Edge...Rebecca Royce. What's hotter than that?

Barbara Elsborg said...

Favorite shifter - wolf. Er no - cat er no, horse ah damn it. Wolf. er.....

Heather said...

My favorite shifter is a wolf. Thank you for the giveaway. bluepooh1 at hotmail dot com