Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Multiple O

By Casea Major
The multiple orgasm is alive and well and I know just where you can find one…for FREE!

In my 1Night Stand story, Night with a Dom, Melody my heroine experiences several orgasms during the encounter. And what makes this deal even sweeter is that for the next five days it’s free on Amazon!

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That’s a compound, multiple O for you courtesy of Decadent Publishing!

So…let’s talk about just how realistic it is for a woman to enter into the Multiple O Realm

Statistics say that 60% of women can achieve multiple orgasms. Although women are more prone to having multiple orgasms, emotional factors, distractions and anxiety affect their sex drive more easily than men. (Reader’s Digest Guide to Love and Sex)

First of all, we should define what a multiple orgasm is. Most people that I’ve asked believe that a multiple orgasm is being able to have more than 1 orgasm in a single sexual encounter. That is true to a point. But the official definition of being multi-orgasmic means you experience orgasms within half a minute to a minute apart. That’s really close together. But each orgasm in a multiple O doesn’t have to be earth-shattering. According to physiology experts, each one need only be waves of pleasurable, tension releases.

Everyone experiences orgasms to a different degree and on a different level, so multiple orgasms also vary among people. By this definition, maybe you've experienced multiple orgasms and didn't even know it. (yeah, right.) I’m thinking if you experience a multiple orgasm your kindagonna know it. LOL
According to Ann Andriani in her article about multiple orgasms, women are known to be more multi-orgasmic than men because they don’t have to go through as long a refractory period as men. And when they do orgasm they are in the plateau stage of sexual arousal, which means they remain in a state of excitement even after orgasm.

Tips for achieving multiple orgasms
Location, Location, Location -- Learn your body and what arouses you
Prepare -- Exercise your sex muscles (Yes there are sexercises! You can find some HERE.)

Communicate -- with your partner

And Practice…a lot.

It’s wonderful if you can learn to experience multiple orgasms, but the Multi O happens far more often in Romance than Real Life. It should never be the be-all-end-all of your sexual encounters. If you’re having too much trouble trying to experience them, don’t beat yourself or your partner up for it. If it’s really important to you, consider adding sex toys to your bedroom play. The important thing is that you and your partner enjoy each other while you’re together. Concentrate on lots of foreplay before engaging in intercourse. Make penetration the very last thing you do and even once it’s over, enjoy the afterglow with your partner.

Here are a couple of sites for more insight and info about multiple orgasms.

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