Monday, May 7, 2012

What I Want for My Birthday

by Emily Cale

Shhhh…Don't tell anyone, but this is one of the most magical eight days of the year. Why? Because between from May 1st to May 8th my husband is older than me. I get to make jokes about how he is robbing the cradle and how he is SO OLD. The rest of the year, I have to live with the fact that I am exactly the same age. Not a lot of fun.

Since I'm going to be getting a year older in a couple days, I thought I'd make some suggestions for any of you who might be thinking of buying me something.

A pool boy would probably be my first choice. I don't actually own a pool, but if that's a problem, I could buy one of those little inflatable ones designed for children and sit by it in my backyard. Really, I just want a hot guy to walk around half naked, bring me drinks, and rub sunscreen on my back. Is that too much to ask?

If you can't manage one of those, I'd settle for a nice man to take care of some of the household chores. I've got laundry, dishes, and dusting all piling up and it would be helpful if someone could take over those tasks. It'd be even better if he was say six feet tall with a strong chin, nice abs, and a perfectly round butt.

I see some of you are rolling your eyes. You mean you aren't getting me something for my birthday? How about I get one of you something instead. Sexy hockey players? You got it. I'll give one commenter a copy of my newest release, Goalie Interference, a 1 Night Stand story that I co-wrote with my friend Angela S. Stone.

Goalie Interference

Hockey goalie Tarah 'TJ' Elliot is too busy stopping pucks to go looking for love. When her friend Natalie sets her up through Madame Eve's 1 Night Stand service, she grudgingly agrees to go. Her ultimate fantasy comes true when Scott Alarid, one of the top scorers in the league, shows up at her hotel room. Hockey player TJ can't possibly spend a night with him, but Tarah certainly can.
Scott's tired of dealing with women who only like him for his all-star status. After his teammates arrange a date for him using the 1NS website, he's delighted to find a woman who doesn't know a thing about the sport. But, will the truth force them to put their relationship on ice?

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Unknown said...

I always imagine my 'ool boy iz named Ra-oool, but I have the same problem of lacking an actual pool!!Enjoy your magic eight days :)

Monika Michalak said...

I have a pool and I NEED a new pool boy. Currently my husband takes care of those duties and he isn't fullfilling the job desrciption...

Barbara Elsborg said...

ha ha Monika!! Happy upcoming birthday, Emily.