Sunday, May 6, 2012

Life is Hard

by Alexa Bourne
Life is hard. I’ve been on the go doing everything I can to promote my 1st Decadent book, Her Highland Champion, for the last couple of months. Plus, for the last 2 weeks I’ve been working on various activities dealing with my 2nd Decadent book, Fractured Paradise, which will be available sometime later this year. As any author knows, our job is SOOOO much more than just crafting spectacular stories.

Well, this weekend I decided to take a break. I’m not writing, and the only promoting I’m doing is commenting on blog posts. Instead, I’ve decided to give my muse, Caitlin, a treat. Yes, I’ve named my muse because she’s so very important to my writing. I figured she deserved some inspiration so she’ll be ready for the next round of writing responsibilities.

So what am I doing? Of course I’m reading. Nothing helps Caitlin’s creativity like reading. But I also made some other plans, for Caitlin AND me.

Friday, I spent the evening discussing writing for an epublisher with some local writer friends. Because writing for an epublisher is different than writing for a traditional print publisher, we decided to compare notes. We’ve dubbed ourselves the Digital Darlings. It was, of course, a GREAT time!

Yesterday, I put on my T-shirt for the England National Soccer team and watched my 2 favorite teams play against each other in the FA Cup Final. It was gut-wrenching, of course, but I indulged in a pint or two to help calm my nerves.

And today, I’m going to the movies to see The Avengers because, well, I LOVE Chris Hemsworth as Thor.  

Yes, Caitlin will be ready to work on revisions for Fractured Paradise and revisions for Honor Guard book #3 that I hope to submit by the end of this month. I mean, come on. After a weekend of hanging with writers and watching all these hot men, how can she NOT be ready to get back to work? I know I am! 

Fractured Paradise Blurb:
A Decadent Honor Guard story….

Heather Winchester leads a charming life. With good friends, a beautiful flat in one of the most amazing cities in the world, and a promising future once she finishes her Ph.D, she is finally pursuing her own dreams instead of catering to everyone else’s…except she doesn’t remember any of it.

Malcolm Fraser has returned to his Highland village to forget his failings as a professional bodyguard. Believing he could just lose himself in the mundane activities of running his bed & breakfast, he finds a woman’s lifeless body by the loch instead….

Captivated by Heather as she regains her memory, Malcolm is thrown into the line of duty. As danger comes knocking on their door, will he be strong enough to love her and keep her safe?


Irene Preston said...

I agree, Alexa, it is important to give yourself some time off and let your muse re-charge. Hanging with other writer is one of my favorite ways to do that. All the creative writerly energy seems to swirl around together and reproduce. Can't wait for the next meeting of the digital darlings!

Alexa said...

I can't wait until YOUR book comes out so we can compare notes on the next step in the journey!

As for inspiration, I did get LOTS this weekend and I actually started writing again tonight. It felt WONDERFUL, familiar and comfortable. I've packed my notebook and my zip drive so I can continue working even if only in spurts during the week!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Ah football - the only thing I like about it is that it gets the men of the house out of my hair for a while! I'm very boring when I relax - I just lie there and do nothing. Not even watch TV. LOL

Alexa said...

Barbara, that sounds relaxing too! As for sports, I grew up watching American football & baseball. I got into a lot of sports and now I can't imagine my life without soccer/football! Hhhmmm, maybe I need to write a soccer hero at some point.