Friday, January 13, 2012

An Almost Perfect Paradise

By Jenna Jaxson

Paradise.  What images does that word conjure up for you?  I immediately envision a tropical island with lush foliage, pristine beaches, and azure waves lapping against a clear shoreline.  When I started writing Almost Perfect, I decided I wanted my couple to be abandoned in one of the most beautiful, most romantic places possible:  an island paradise.

When Pam Kimball set up her 1Night Stand fantasy encounter, her movie-buff mind automatically turned to one of the major romantic tropes:  pirates.  She expected a Pirates of the Caribbean adventure at sea to include a gorgeous, sexy man, a pirate captain who would sweep her off her feet, making her forget the trauma of her divorce.  As her writer, however, I decided what Pam needed to fulfill her fantasy instead was another cinematic trope—a fantasy island.

Many women—me included—would love to be stranded on a deserted island with a hot hunky guy.  The movies have been showing us this desire for decades:  Father Goose, Blue Lagoon, Six Days Seven Nights, Castaway.  According to, the island paradise of Hawaii is the number one honeymoon destination, followed closely by Jamaica and the Bahamas.  There’s just something totally romantic about standing on a moonlit beach, feeling a warm gentle breeze beside the one you love.  The perfect recipe for a happily ever after ending.

I have yet to visit my island paradise.  How about you?  Do you dream about escaping to a secluded island or a beach resort with your significant other—or a sexy stranger—for a hot time that will make your toes curl? 

Blurb for Almost Perfect:
Pamela Kimball’s birthday present, a 1Night Stand adventure, is supposed to help her jump-start her life, put a new man in her bed, and help her forget her ex.  Unfortunately, movie-buff Pam’s Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy goes wrong when she’s abandoned on a not quite deserted island with ex-husband Roger Ware.  When Pam is forced to accept Roger’s offer of dinner,  she recognizes that he’s  changed since their divorce and his newfound sensuality re-kindles an old fire.  When he challenges her to find out how much his amorous skills have improved, Pam is torn between self-preservation and desire.  With time running out before they’re rescued, Pam has to decide if her heart can survive the consequences of becoming Roger’s “almost” perfect 1Night Stand.

And here’s a little excerpt to further whet your appetite:
She inched into the lapping surf, searching for movement. Reflection off the water made this task harder than expected. Wasn’t the Caribbean supposed to be teeming with fish?  Now that’s something she’d had a lot of instruction in. Almost every marooned-on-an-island movie had a scene where the heroine learned to catch fish. Six Days, Father Goose, Blue Lagoon. All you needed was your hands and patience. She could do this.
Pam waded out further then stopped just before the water hit her now dry shorts. “Not gonna to have a damp crotch all night.” The words reminded her of exactly what she had hoped for tonight. “But not from wet shorts!” She headed back to shore to remove and drape them next to her shirt. The bandeau was a different story. Still damp, even after several hours, and uncomfortable. Might dry better if not next to her skin anyway. “Screw it!  Live dangerously.”
Standing as good as naked on the deserted beach, Pam smiled as the warm breeze caressed her bare body. The sense of being slightly naughty added to her delight in the sensual feel of the air as it dried her breasts. Her nipples peaked as the wind cooled them. She strutted down to the water’s edge to sink her toes in the sand, the salty tang in the air adding to the perfect moment.
“If you’re skinny dipping, you forgot to remove one very important piece of clothing.”
Pam whirled around. Roger stood on the beach behind her, a green bottle of Perrier in one hand. His gaze played up and down her naked torso and his salacious grin widened. “Mind if I join you?”


Barbara Elsborg said...

I'm such a bore - I think sand - uck, seaweed - bigger yuk, sharks - runs away squealing with terror. I'd be too stressed to relax BUT fully clothed, in a house overlooking a lovely beach with a fierce sea beyond - oh yes, I'd like that - on my own or with a hunk.

Lia Davis said...

I'm with you, Jenna. I think of beautiful beaches, swaying palms trees and no stresses of of my day job. I've never been out the states, but I working one that.

Anonymous said...

My paradise is a century old castle in Ireland or the highlands of Scotland with rolling verdant green hills stretching as far as the eye can see. Haven't made it to my paradise yet either, but maybe someday :)
Great post, Jenna! I hope you get to your paradise someday too!

Casea Major said...

I read some where that the sand, salt, and air of a beach are one of the few places in nature with positively charged ions. This is why the beach is a place of relaxation.

I love the beach. Any shape. Any season. Cold and rocky, tropical and sandy. I'll take it any time.

Brenda said...

I do love beaches, but I'm not one for tropical temps. LOL, heat and humidity make me melt.
I'm so excited to read Almost Perfect.
Love the cover by the way.

Lisa Kumar said...

While visiting tropical paradises is great, they're too hot for me! I wanted to melt when I went to Hawaii, just like Brenda said. But I do have my dream getaway--anywhere with mountains and temperate weather.

Great post, Jenna! Whether we yearn for beaches or mountains, there's something out there for all of us.

Jenna said...

Thank you Barbara, Lia, Jennifer, Casea, Brenda and Lisa for dropping by my virtual paradise her at DDD. I love the idea of a romantic island get away, but I too suffer with the heat and humidity. I'm looking for the perfect blend of sand, salt, and moderate temps--and of course the perfect guy to share them with. Well, that part's taken care of. LOL Paradise is really whatever we find it to be--whether beach, mountain, city, country lane or cruise ship. Hope you all experience yours with a much luck as my heroine! :)

Martha Ramirez said...

Ahh the beach. Been itching to go to Hawaii again. The beach is such a beautiful place.

Harlie Williams said...

I love the beach unfortunately my hubby grew up on the beach and he gets tired of it quickly. I wouldn't mind being stranded though with him for at least 24 hours.


LKF said...

I sneak off to the beach every chance I get. I have even been known to drive 10 hours for a day of relaxing warmth, sand and surf. I wouldn't mind being stranded with a hottie of my choice. almost Perfect sounds great. a must for my to read file.

Jenna said...

Thank you for coming to the blog today, Mart, Marika, and Lynda! We go to the beach in NC every summer and I live for that week. There's something about the smell of salt water on the breeze that evokes romance--for me at least. A deserted island--no kids, no tourists, just me and hubby--combines the best of all worlds of romance. :)

E. Ayers said...

I love the beach. A private island sounds wonderful. We all have those places where we go to unwind when we need to take five minutes. Mine is an island with the warm sun beating down on my while I float in a natural pool protected by a nice thick coral barrier so that sharks don't get in. Maybe a few tiny colorful fishes nibble on my toes. The swish of the water, the warm sun, the sway of the palms.. Yeah, my blood pressure just dropped about 20 points. LOL

Jessica E. Subject said...

I have yet to visit my island paradise, but there are couple places where I love to spend my time, and completely relax. :)