Friday, November 4, 2011

Vampire FactFile

Just the facts, with JoAnne Kenrick

Here's my vampire fact file:

They must be super sexy. Of course that's rule number one. Those fugly vampires belong in zombie movies, instead. Vampires are supposed to have us lusting after them. So there!

Must be dressed in dark and brooding attire. Well, duh! We need some mystery out of vampires, right? And we want to 'pretend' we're afraid of them. Could you imagine cowering from a vampire dressed in Bermuda shorts and flowery shirt? Would feel kinda odd...and he would most likely fit into the fugly vampire tag.

He must believe in eternal love,. When he finds his one true love, he'll do anything he can to hold onto her. Including biting her ;) That's the best part, right?

And of course they can read minds. How else are they going to know you find them incredibly sexy and want them to bite you?

They can also can glamour you. Although why they'd need to, I don't know. Can I feed from you, and make made passionate love with you...erm, not like I'm going to be saying no in a hurry. Of course, we can pretend they can glamour us. It makes us feel less like a vampire lush.

They sleep in luxurious silk bedsheets and huge king bed. No. Not dirt in coffins. Again, that comes under fugly vampires...and we're not talking about them. They're huddled up in the sewers somewhere, eating rats!

Let's not forget, should we have enough of them, we can kill them with steak. No. not stake. Steak. Check this recipe out, sure to kill a vamp! Pot Roast ala 'kill that vampire' – use holy water verses stock. Add plenty of garlic. And serve with red wine over candle light. The wine and candles don't make a difference, it just makes the death scene more tasteful.
Of course, a stake will work, too. But those are usually saved for those fuglies.

They're rather batty. But we love 'em for it!

Dracula's Kiss, a Night Owl Romance TOP PICK!

Cathela's Office Halloween Ball is a complete bust. She spills out of her Dracula's Bride costume, and her vamp fetish chases away her boyfriend. Only redeeming feature to the night? Necking multiple shots of Dracula's Kiss--a lush Black Cherry Vodka cocktail--and an interlude with a gorgeous man dressed Gary Oldman style.

No one comes close to satisfying Alec Murray's needs until he meets Cathela during some lame-ass party for bankers. One taste of her blood, sweet yet darkly dangerous, he knows she's perfect for him.

A night of goth bondage is planned for one. For the other, a night of sexual control is a must. A perfect fit. Alec is compelled to reveal his true nature but can their relationship survive his dark secret?

Here's a little reading I did for ebook-eros' 4 Letter Word blog

Until next time.... happy reading!


Barbara Elsborg said...

Ha ha, Joanne!!

JoAnne Kenrick said...

Hey, grats on coming third in the Just One Bite contest! just saw the newsletter :) WOOT I bet your mind is boggling on which books you'll be splashing out on hehe

Barbara Elsborg said...

Thank you and yes!!!!!

Casea Major said...

Congratulations on a sexy fun vampire story! Still love that cover.