Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Survival of the Smartest

Charles Darwin
 by Wendy Burke

You know, Charles Darwin was right--survival of the fittest, or 'smartest' in some cases.  My concern is, however, (and don't worry, I'm not going to get into any sort of philosophical conversation here) that even a modicum of intelligence has some way been 'bred out' of the human species. The 'bar is being' lowered, it seems, even as we speak. Take for instance my beloved husband's encounter at a gas station the other day. Aside from the sticker on the pump reading 'Please prepay in advance,' (I'm sure one of Decadent's crack editors would have caught that!) the man on the other side of the pump, with nozzle in hand, was talking on his cell phone. Okay, you say, a minor infraction. NO--that was WHILE HE WAS SMOKING A CIGARETTE! 
You know, if you want to be stupid (read that an A-HOLE) go ahead, but don't take me to a fiery death while doing so!   Wonder if this guy was related to a young woman I once worked with? My 'real job,' is in a TV newsroom. A reporter was out in a station vehicle one day and called the office asking, 'The gas light in the Jeep is on, what should I do?'
OF COURSE, I didn't say, 'Go fill it up.' (Heck, she might have been on her cell phone while doing so!) I gave her the only good and true advice I could think of at the moment, 'Just keep driving around, it will eventually go out.' Hmm, maybe that was the DARWIN coming out in me!
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