Sunday, August 14, 2011

Talking about Marcus and Lucia


Hi peeps!

It’s still cold here in dear old Adelaide (its in South Australia for those not in the know) but there have been glimmers of spring.  And something that is heating up the blood is the fact that from next week I will be attending the Romance Writers of Australia’s annual Conference – huzzah!

Enslaved is out now, peeps!  Lookee at this super awesome fun times description that I in no way pulled from my website.

I was to teach a slave.

Marcus, a gladiator in my father’s ludus, was compelled to my presence to learn of Rome’s gods, her legends. When first he came, fear consumed me – fear of this silent, resentful slave who burned with his anger.
Time, though, changes much. Marcus softened and I grew unafraid. As we became closer, I grew more than merely unafraid – I grew to love him. Never did I think we would be separated.
I was wrong.
I forced myself to forget. Forget Marcus, forget the almost-smile he gave to me alone, forget everything but my life as it was now. Then, one day, I wandered into a market and spied Marcus, and the truth I had always hidden, thought to forget, was thrust upon me.
I had never ceased to love my slave.
Sounds super exciting, right???  And you should totally purchase HERE!  Now!*


Lucia leapt off the page for me.  The story of her life, her strength in the face of all that sought to tear her down, was immediately apparent.  Her humour came a bit later.  Originally, Enslaved was to start about 7 chapters in, and was more of a short story, however my very wise editor thought we should see more of Lucia and Marcus’s early relationship and she was totally right!
Lucia developed and we were able to see her before she was beaten down, and able to cheer with her when she overcome the crap life threw at her. It also showed how Lucia and Marcus fell in love, and why they yearned for each other (wow, I haven’t spoiled the plot have I?? )


I was really conscious not to make Marcus too, um, I guess ‘perfect’ is the word I want.  Enslaved feels to me like Lucia’s story, and sometimes during the writing process, Marcus veered towards being her reward rather than her partner.  So, I made him more his own person, with his own opinions and beliefs that sometimes were in opposition to Lucia’s (hey look!  Just like in real life!)

* or, you know, now.


Casea Major said...

Cassandra - Enslaved sounds wonderful. It's on my list to read. Enjoy your cooler weather. I'm here in north Texas and it's been triple digits since May. UGH! Congrats on the release.

Maureen said...

Sounds like a fascinating read!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Romans, slaves, what's not to love! Well, it's supposed to be summer still here in the UK but we haven't seen much sun!

Anonymous said...

Casea, Maureen and Barbara, thank you for your comments! I hope you enjoy ENSLAVED as much as I did writing it :)

As for the cold weather, I've exchanged Adelaide's cold for Melbourne's much more intense cold...I'm here for a writing conference and it's been wet and gross and so cold. Still, lots of fun to be on a semi-holiday!