Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Graylin Fox!

Today is my Birthday. So we are going to celebrate with the male characters who have affected my fantasies and thus, my writing. The characters who turn my head all have one thing in common, they cannot exist in our reality. I have accepted this, reluctantly.

David Bowie in Labryinth.  After all, he was a King, who could sing. And that wardrobe? Yes Please! Matter of fact, after I write this I'm going to see if I can find enough of that black leather costume so I can dress up in it for Halloween this year.

Another one is Orlando Bloom as Legolas. Yes, I lusted after the elf. But only the elf. Without the blue contacts, very cool elvish language, and ears, he is just another beautiful actor. In costume, I'd follow him anywhere. 

Let's get into the 80's flashback machine and take a look at Vincent from Beauty and the Beast. I LOVED that show. I wanted a mysterious lover with that voice. I actually have the cassette tape of Vincent reading poetry. Yep, still have it.

 Let's not forget both Spike and Angel from Buffy. That is a television show you can watch with the sound off if you want. And when they teamed up again in Angel, I was one happy woman.

And while we are on vampires. We cannot forget Stuart Townsend's Lestat from Queen of the Damned.

Who are the characters that fill your head with visions of fantasy and make your heroes too unique for reality?


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Buzzed Sweetness said...

I loved The Labryinth. Just loved it.

And Legolas was yummy too.

Mai said...

Happy Birthday, enjoy your day!!

Pippa Jay said...

Happy Birthday, hope your day was fab!
Loved Labyrinth - and now my daughter does too. :-P

Maureen said...

Happy b-day, lady!

Hmmm. Man, I'm gonna date myself terribly with all of this. First actor that spun my wheels was Oliver Reed in The Three Musketeers.

Thoroughly enjoyed Vincent in B&B, preferred Aragorn to Legolas. Bowie was fab.

JoAnne Kenrick said...

Heck yeah. Now you're talking! Angel, hubba hubba. And Stuart Townsend's Lestat from Queen of the Damned -- if that's your type, you'll love Dracula's Kiss my upcoming para 1NS story :) He was the inspiration for Alec Murray, my hot Scottish vamp. YUM nothing like a smoking hot (and not cus they went out into the sun) vamp to stir the blood hehe

Graylin Fox said...

Thanks everyone. I loved Labryinth and watch it every time I get a chance.

Ron Pearlman as Vincent was sexy, he made Hellboy hot too.

Shelbia Roberts said...

A very happy birthday to you, Graylin!! You have become one of my biggest influences with my writing. I am a proud supporter and cannot wait to see what magical and wonderful things come your way!
My favorite men who influence me are Legolas, Haldir, Ares from Hercules:TLJ, Prince Kian from The Frost Series and a picture of an elf king that sparked my inspiration, a lovely picture I found on google.

Robin said...

Happy birthday! Legolas is very hot, and I loved Vincent!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

Barbara Elsborg said...

Happy Birthday, Graylin. It was my brother's birthday on the 13th too! His wife's the day before so no excuse for forgetting.

I have a thing for Kevin Costner in Waterworld and the Postman - well, all right - I just have a thing for Kevin Costner. But my fantasy hero - Viggo Mortensen.

Jessica E. Subject said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that it continues today. Yes, Labyrinth is an awesome movie in so many ways. I used to watch Beauty and the Beast (the tv show), too. Every episode. And I'd have to agree about David Boreanez. Great inspiration! :)

Misa Buckley said...

OMG Vincent! Gosh, it's ages since I thought about him. I totally agree with you on the voice.

I adored Spike too. And I have the Collector's Edition DVD of Labyrinth (as well as the soundtrack...

Nishi Serrano said...

A universe of warm wishes from a newbie fellow DP author! Whoa ... Your taste in magical hotties is spot on! Cheers ... Nishi