Friday, May 27, 2011

Just The Facts with Vivi Dumas!

I have so many facts stirring around I’m not sure where to start. I’ll just jump right into it.

Hobby facts:
I loved to make silk flower arrangements until others found out about it and started asking me to do their weddings. I have several unfinished crochet projects in a closet somewhere in my house. I love decorating houses. I can walk into a room and see a vision. Only problem is finding everything in my vision in my budget. Although I’m allergic to everything, I want to garden. I’m usually stuffed up and puffy-eyed by the time my Spring flowers are planted. I like to play trivia games. Between watching TLC, the History channel, CNN, HGTV, the Speed channel, and reading everything, I have more useless information than one person should maintain. I like going to car shows and photographing the beautiful vehicles. They’re pieces of art on wheels.

Job Facts:
I’ve worked more jobs than anyone I know, many simultaneously. I worked in a bar, in a beauty salon, in the Army, retail sales (too many stores to name – mostly as second jobs), direct sales person, insurance auditor, Realtor, mortgage, credit card collections, market research, customer service, quality manager at a chauffeured transportation company, professor at a college and telemarketing. Oh…I forgot writer. My youngest real estate client was 22 and bought a $450,000 house. When in the Army, they made me repel off a cliff (to the detriment of the person on belay). I hit a man with my tray when I was a waitress. Last time he’ll put his hands where they don’t belong. A customer came into the store to thank me for helping her husband pick out a gift for her when I worked in a clothing store. She said it was the first time she didn’t have to return a gift.

Travel Facts:
I’ve lived in Germany, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Korea, and Maryland. I’ve visited Spain, France, Austria, Japan, Sweden, California, Alaska, Nevada, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Washington, Arkansas, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and West Virginia. I live 30 – 35 minutes from West Virginia, Washington D.C., Baltimore and Gettysburg, PA. Hubby and I love driving to look at battlefields, historic locations, museums, and car shows, or just to get lost. When you’re lost you find the most amazing places sometimes. I love Las Vegas because I never have to sleep. I usually have one whole suitcase dedicated to shoes. Fees for each bag are killing my shoe options when traveling.

Random Facts:
I like Peanut Butter Captain Crunch cereal any time of the day. I like fast cars and hot shoes. My iTouch is schizophrenic. I have Etta James, Patsy Cline, Lady Antebellum, Alicia Key, Jennifer Hudson, 50 Cents, Ludacris, Nickelback, Daddy Yankee, Yo-Yo Ma, and Charlie Parker. To name just a few listed on my iTouch. My reading list is just as bad. I collect cookie jars and angels. My hubby and kids are everything to me.
If my fact leave you saying, WTF. Don’t worry. I have the same reaction. But all this craziness is what makes me go each day. Thanks for listening to my random babblings check out .

Salvation Blurb
Darius set out tonight to meet his end. Instead of meeting the true death and seeing the sun for one last time, he stumbles upon a reason to live. After a millennia of being held a sex slave by the Vampire Queen, he finally finds his mate, but she lie dying on a park bench. Will Darius be able to sacrifice her soul to save himself? And will he risk going back to the one person he desperately wanted to escape to help his mate through the change?

Salvation Excerpt
She ruined him to love, turning him into her sex slave, diminishing his strength as a male. When she came to him, he’d been honored to be chosen, but after an eternity chained to the wall in the damp, dark crypt, honor was no longer a word he understood. Shame and anguish were his brands. His lust for all things, including blood, left with his will to endure long ago.
But today, the day he planned to take his departure from this world, the thirst returned, calling to him from this exquisite creature waiting at Death’s door. Darius’s harsh laugh echoed among the trees. Fate was a tease. She played with his emotions and tempted him further into condemnation, searing his torture just as the straps of silver singed their pattern into his flesh.
The iron-tainted smell of blood permeated the air. Darius stared into the woman’s angelic face. With her eyes closed and lips slightly parted, the childlike innocence of her expression pleaded with him for mercy, but not the kind of mercy he struggled to administer. The death awaiting her was not the kind he was prepared to give. He reached out and fingered a lock of her golden brown hair, then caressed the side of her round face, wiping the dried blood from her mouth. She was lovely. Can she accept me as I am— a broken monster?

Last fact: I love hearing from my readers. Feel free to contact me.


Valerie Mann said...

I'm envious of such a varied and interesting life. I thought I'd lived in a lot of places but you have me beat! And my mp3 player looks like yours, so you aren't schizophrenic, you have varied tastes! Very interesting blog, Vivi!

P. Kirby said...

Wow. You've been so many different places.

My iPod is like yours. All over the place with regard to genre. That's what's really cool about music nowadays. You aren't just limited to one genre.

Maureen said...

Gods, I've played that job merry-go-round!

Or I thought I had...


Sunnymay said...

Girl you have a lot going on for real and in the imagining for your book. I like the imagery and the presence of the equisitite quality in your story. Nobody's perfect and I still can't understand why that's the bar people aim for the most. Most times, I'm happy with good enough before resetting the level on my goals.

Barbara Elsborg said...

That was fun, Vivi!! You beat me on the jobs front too!!

kathleen said...

Wow!! What a great post, Vivi! Loved it!

I have a blast in Las Vegas, too! Especially when I win at Wheel of Fortune! lol