Saturday, May 7, 2011

Becca Dale Shows (and Tells)

Show and Tell Saturday – the name alone conjures memories of standing in front of the grade school classroom, knee sock drooping down one leg, hand-me-down dress a bit too short, and my heart beating with excitement and trepidation. Would my classmates see the value of my favorite toy or enjoy the cactus candy Grandma and Grandpa brought back from Arizona? Would they understand how dear the picture of my new calf was to me, what a milestone it was that I was responsible for feeding all the bottle calves on my own at seven. Or would they laugh at my weird sense of joy?

I feel that same excitement mingled with unease every time I send out a new story to be judged, to be adored or found lacking. So with that in mind, I stand before you carrying a cover made by Dara, a series developed by Kate and Val and another friend late at night, and my 1 Night Stand – Erotic Healing. This story forced me to step outside my comfort zone. I don’t do casual intimacy very well. I do complicated. So guess what? My 1NS is complicated, but I can honestly say I love it. It is a little unexpected, I hope, but it also adheres to the on-the-edge excitement of a time limit—win or lose, connect or remain lonely, everything rests in one night. What a fascinating concept.

I haven’t been with Decadent Publishing all that long, but in the scheme of things, none of us have since the idea for the company took root little over a year ago. Since walking through these metaphorical doors though, I have pushed myself repeatedly. Can’t Stop Me, which is currently available in the print anthology Run Devil Run and will be available individually mid-June, raised havoc with my writing process. It was the first time that I have even written something which mattered to other people. I woke up more than one night in a cold sweat fearing I would let Heather or Lisa or the band or one of the other authors or someone down. The experience was a true nail biter but one I would not give up. The individual cover for Can’t Stop Me was brought to you by Fiona and the anthology idea the brainchild of Heather. So here again I feel the need to share the credit for the cool factor, if there is any associated with my writing, with others from Decadent.

Each thing I have written since joining this group has helped me grow, not because I wrote it so much, but more because I wrote each one with the unfailing support of my fellow Decadent teammates. So what am I really showing off today? My publisher. This is my newest release, Erotic Healing; and here is my contribution to the RDR Anthology, Can’t Stop Me; but this—holds up Decadent Publishing Banner—this is my publisher. I currently have and have had other publishers in the past, and my editors have all been supportive and downright fabulous, I cannot say a single negative thing about any of them. That is not the point. What I am trying to tell comes down to this. I have been blessed to be a part of Decadent’s growth, the fellow authors and editors along with Heather, Lisa, Meredith and Colleen have made this an experience I will not forget but would certainly recommend. So I stand here a bit more put together than I ever was in grade school, but just as eager to show and tell about some of my favorite things.


Wendy Burke said...

Becca - you couldn't have expressed my thoughts regarding being part of this amazing group called Decadent Publishing more precisely!

It is ultimately rewarding to have total strangers say 'We want you- you CAN write!' Those kudos sometimes mean more than the great pats on head we get from those who know us.

I, too, am grateful and blessed to be part of this 'family'!

Write on, Becca - right on!

Maureen said...

Very well put... I was talking with a writer friend about deadlines and how the support of a publisher makes me feel like I can make them.

Let's face it, befoe we're published, we all look at deadlines and hyerventilate. "What if my creativity won't perform on demand! Eeeek!"

But the confidence that comes with someone else investing in that talent...well, it enables me to make those deadlines.

So far!

Decadent is so supportive and sure of us. It is a fabulous place to call home!

Jessica E. Subject said...

I'm new to Decadent, but I have been welcomed with open arms. It is a great feeling!

I read Erotic Healing and loved the story. It was my first from the 1NS series.

Maeve Greyson said...

Trust me, Becca, you've got nothing to feel uneasy about but I can definitely relate. I personally think you should come out with a line of wallpaper printed with all your fantastic covers and a teasing excerpt. Of course, if you did that, getting sent to one's room wouldn't really be punishment. ;-)

You rock words!

Becca Dale said...

Thank you all. See - unfailing supprt. Love this place.

Becca Dale said...

Except no editor to catch my spelling error here. :-D

Unknown said...
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Dominique Eastwick said...

I understand exactly how you feel, well now the cow part but all the others, in my book you are never lacking girl you are a rock star!!!!

(oops my son was signed in so thats the deleted comment, :p)

Anonymous said...

Well, Becca, this was unexpected and you made me tear up a little. Brat. LOL

You know I love working with you, and I know you never disappoint me with your stories. Thank you for finding us, embracing us, and continuing to produce fabulous fiction.

Rebecca Royce said...


I've never gotten to tell you how much I loved your complicated 1NS story Erotic Healing. You made me cry reading that book and I don't do that all that often. I'm so in love with all of your writing.

Rebecca Royce

Valerie Mann said...

Wow...major Decadent Publishing fan club here! When was the last time you saw THAT on a publisher's blog before? Not often, I'm thinking. Anyway, if any of you haven't figured it out yet (those of you not a part of Team Decadent), we're tight. Majorly tight. And we brag endlessly. Kudos to Lisa and Heather for having a vision and in a seriously short period of time, putting Decadent Publishing on the map!

Kathleen said...

I'm proud to be included in such a wonderful, talented group of people. I love this post, and can relate to your early experiences with show and tell. Lol

Your enthusiam is uplifting, and it makes me want to finish my WIP. Thanks, Becca!

JM said...

Becca, I think you've said exactly what everybody here feels. I can totally relate---even with the cow part.;-D Yep, been there done that.
Your 1NS story is phenomenal, and I think you have a long career ahead of you.
Very, very nice.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Super cover and a lovely post, Becca!!!

Becca Dale said...

Love you all. You are so good for my ego, and I wanted to say thank you to those I missed before.