Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Way Thursday with Maureen O. Betita

What am I thankful for?
Being Irish. I’ve always dug that I was Irish and with such a loverlee Irish name. Maureen, which means dark one in Gaelic even if the Anglicized meaning is ‘little mary.’ I prefer the dark one… Bwah ha ha! And me given last name? O’Hagan! I even know what area of Ireland the O’Hagans hale from, though only in the ancient meaning. Grandad O’Hagan was a bit of a mystery man… Rumor has it he had another family in Seattle. Anyone know an O’Hagan in Seattle? ;-)

What am I thinking about?

I’m a bit fixated on RT. Putting together all those little things to give people I talk to, ala the excellent advice of Deanna Wadsworth last week regarding how to network. I’m putting together tons of promo stuff and looking at the pile of stuff and wondering… How much stuff can I fit in my Matrix?

What am I thirsty for?
Well, it isn’t green beer. I’m not a biggest green beer fan out there, by a long shot. In fact, I’m not into beer at all. First major drunk of my life was with beer and it was a nasty one. Now? I can’t even stand the smell of it.

So what am I really thirsty for?
A rum runner. I had an awesome rum runner last year at RT Columbus and I’m praying they will be as good in LA. I’m really looking forward to the one on Saturday, after the bookfair, when everyone else is dashing about with YA stuff, I’ll be in the bar, embracing the rum…maybe thinking about the RWA Nationals and how much fun New York will be!


Maureen said...

I am wondering if there is green rum...I might go for that! ;-)

Deena said...

I'll be pulling up a seat next to you, dearie! After walking around all day, being a fan instead of an author, I'll need a long, tall, cool one. :D

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Kathleen said...

People think with a name like Gallagher that I'm Irish. I'm Italian,Polish and Albanian.

I'll make believe I'm Irish today.

I'd like a cup of green rum, please!

Redameter said...

WEll this ole irishwoman can't handle the green anything. Beer makes me sick, and the only alcohol I can handle is Vodka and Gin. A Tom Collins or screwdriver or even a Bloody Mary, but the rest, no thanks, makes me ill.

Ya'll have fun at the RT bash, I am so envious of you.
Hey and tell Jimmy hello for me.

Love and blessings

Maureen said...

Deena, it's a date. You, me, and the or not. I totally plan on sitting back and disappearing into the seat...

Kathleen, how the heck did Gallagher make it into your name without any Irish with it!? ';-) It's okay, everyone is Irish today.

Rita, my husband likes to moan about how I can't enjoy a beer with him. Next time I hear I'll have a beer...and pour it over his head. I did warn him! Will Jimmy know who you are? I hate to say, "Hey! Rita says 'Hi!' and get a blank look..." ;-)

Author Leanne Dyck said...

It was a family mystery solved by my clever aunt--my ancestors called County Mayo home.
However, even though, I don't share your dislike for beer, I've never tasted green beer. I won't refuse if offered.
Just found this Irish blessing: May the best day of your past
Be the worst day of your future.

Maureen said...

That's an interesting Irish blessing! As most of them, one of those that can twist yer head about trying to think...what is the best day of my past? And how could it be turned into the worst day of my future?

Well, that's how my brain works! ;-)

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Well, I interrupt to mean (and extend it to you as others as) your future will be so good that your past will pale in comparison. I hope you read it that way. : )

Kathleen said...

My husband is Irish! Gotta love him.