Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not a Newbie anymore!

by Kimber An

Hey, Blog Buds,

I’ve been putting together promo for my upcoming release, Crushed Sugar, and I must say I’m having a lot more fun this time.  This will be my second published story.  Decadent released my first one, Sugar Rush, this past October.

I remember when I was a book reviewer, I could spot a debut author a mile away, or so it seemed.  They were always freaked out, poor things, and I just wanted to give them hugs and chocolate chip cookies.  Despite that experience, I freaked out and had daily migraines for a while when it came to be my turn.  It was awful.

And wonderful.

This time around I know what works.  I know to find my groove and get into it.  I know the stories are the most important thing, so I need to keep crankin’ ‘em out.  I know a lot more cool stuff than I did last time and it feels good.

Aw, yes, I have arrived! 

Ever watch that 80’s movie, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure?  The boys travel back in time to ancient Greece and stumble upon Socrates.  They read in their textbook that he said, “’The only true wisdom is in knowing we know nothing.’”  One of the boys exclaims, “That’s us, Dude!” 

Yeah, that’s the level I’m at right now.

A YA Paranormal with strong romantic elements, Crushed Sugar, is set to be released on March 25th.  It is the *prequel* novella to Sugar Rush, my first full-length novel.  By *prequel,* I mean it takes place three months before the start of the events of Sugar Rush.  It is a much shorter tale of a faint heart, a fair maiden, and a blood-sucking dead guy.
Here’s the blurb-

Be careful what you wish for.
Ophelia’s had a wicked crush on Martin since they were kids, but she was always just his geeky little friend.  Then, on the first day of her junior year, he’s suddenly and wildly attracted to her.  She can’t imagine what’s changed, but shocking her small school’s social order fills her with vindication for insults suffered.
Ophelia meets Adrian right after and true love extinguishes the wicked crush.  In secret, he gives her courage against a specter threat.
Tristan is pale and hungry, and draws Martin’s immediate ire.  He knows things about Ophelia which she assumes are delusions brought on by an aggravated illness like her own, diabetes.  When battle breaks out between his ancient race and new blood, even the courage of her secret love might be crushed.
Thanks, everyone!  Please feel free to Tweet, Facebook, blog, shout, scream, do a Snoopy Dance, anything to help me spread the word about Crushed!  Pretty, pretty, pretty please!


Maureen said...

I wonder if any of us ever reach that totally relaxed place? Does it take the 3rd release? The 5th? The 12th?


Congrats on number two!

Kimber Li said...

Me dunno. One day when I grow up to be Jane Yolen, maybe I'll know. In the meantime, there's always chocolate chip cookies.

Kathleen said...

I'm glad to here there's light at the end of the tunnel, Kimber.

Congrats on your upcoming release, Sugar Rush. It sounds great!

Kimber Li said...

Thanks, Kathleen!

Actually, Sugar Rush was the book released October 2010.

Crushed Sugar is my upcoming release.

It's confusing because in my fictional universe, Crushed Sugar is set three months BEFORE the start of the events in Sugar Rush. I hope I don't throw off too many readers! I really tried, but I just couldn't do Crushed Sugar justice in time and Sugar Rush was ready to go. Sometimes, stories just don't cooperate and they leave my eyeballs twirling. I'm so glad Decadent worked with me on it anyway.

P. Kirby said...

Well, I just got The Call for my second novel, and I'm totally freaked out. Productivity...Whoosh...out the window. I think it'll take a while before I'm used to this.

You didn't really get migraines, daily, did you? Yikes. Just one, every few months or so, fries my wee brain for days.

Congratulations on your upcoming release! The cover is really nice. Love the owl.

Kimber Li said...

Well, according to the Boreans in this fictional universe, migraine headaches are actually an indication that your empathic ability is maturing to the point that you can detect the presence of telepathic Oldbloods (vampires.) So, don't worry. After a while you'll get used to having blood-sucking dead guys around and the migraines will give way to your mature ability to smack the little devils around.

Oh, sorry, got distracted.

Kathleen said...

So sorry, I know your upcoming release is Crushed Sugar. I got carried away! Love both titles, though.


Nayuleska said...

Whoohoo! You're not a newbie, but you're still awesome :) I feel exactly the same way to debut authors - and more especially ones I know.

Leslie Soule said...

Hey there Kimber An! Great post! I feel the same way - that after the first one, I think the novels I write from now on will go a lot more smoothly.
And....DUDE! Ha ha ha. I love Bill & Ted. :)