Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spotlight Sunday with Shiela Stewart!

Do you believe in ghosts?
I love this question!!  I totally believe in Ghosts. Not only do I believe in them I’ve had experiences with them. I once lived in a haunted house. Every morning at dawn, the living room curtains would open, shining the morning sun into my parent’s room waking my mother. She’d close them at night, even pinning them shut yet every morning, they would be open. The ghost was often heard making herself tea, clanging about in the kitchen, opening and closing the cupboard doors. We all knew she was harmless and let her go about her deeds.
Growing up, I’ve seen and experienced other ghostly entities, the latest being three days ago. Sitting in my living room, all alone, working on the computer my attention is suddenly drawn to a baseball slowly rolling out. It had been resting against the wall for at least a week. I have two black lab dogs who run around the house all the time. Grown children who chase each other all the time and at no time did that ball ever move. There were no windows open (too dang cold to do so) no vents near the ball, nothing that would cause it to move. Yet it did. Rolled out all by itself, wobbled then came to a complete stop. Ghost or what? You tell me.

If you could be an animal, what would it be?
Oh, I would definitely be a cat. Domesticated. They have the life. Food is given to you, a warm house to live in, treats, any piece of furniture in the house to sleep on. No bills to pay. No kids to put through school. No hassles whatsoever. Laying around all day, being fed and pampered. Who wouldn’t want that life? 

Tell us about your family.
I have been happily married to a wonderful and very supportive man for twenty-five years. He is my soul mate and my best friend. Together we have three children, ages 22, 18 and 16. If it wasn’t for my husbands believe in me I may never have become and author. He pushed me to submit my work and kept fueling me with positivity eve after the rejections were rolling in.
My husband and I are both playful and love playing practical jokes or scaring our kids or each other. And as any other gene, our children have inherited that from us. It’s never a dull moment in my house and be prepared upon entry to be hit with water or a piece of flying food. LOL

Do you listen to music while writing? If so what?
Music is my fuel. I rarely ever write without it. My favorite is dance or electronic music. Something with a fast beat and few lyrics that gets my blood pumping is the best. Aside from that I like listen to hard rock like ACDC. 

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a princess or the queen but I also wanted to be a rock star. I figured as Queen, I could dictate what I could do because the Queen was the god of everyone and if I wanted to be a rock star as a Queen then so be it. Yeah….I lived in my own fantasy world even back then. LOL

What are your favorite TV shows?
Right now I have several that I must watch. The top of the list is Supernatural. Never miss an episode and have every season on DVD which I have watched several times. Even the reruns on TV I record and watch despite having them all on DVD.
Second would be CSI Vegas. I’ve watched it from the beginning and even when they killed off Warrik and Grissom left I stuck with it. Still loving it.
Other favorites are, Survivor, Amazing Race, &%$# my Dad Say’s, Big bang Theory…just to name a few. 

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Maureen said...

A ghost who likes the curtains open! Fascinating... I'm not a skeptic, but if I had ball suddenly start rolling I'd assume there'd been a small earthquake. But I live in earthquake country so that is where my thoughts would go!

JM said...

I totally believe in ghosts as well. The last house we lived in had an addition added on to it for the FIL. He supposedly died there, in the bedroom we used to sleep in. I would wake up at night and see a shadow move as if it had just cleared the doorway. Totally harmless, but a little freaky. I think people that are open to the possibility see more starnge things, too.
LOVE Big Bang Thory. It's the one show hubby and I both love. Yes, we record them and yes, watch them over again when nothing else is on.
Great post Shiela.

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Math, Science--these are rather strange and I believe they are a myth. The rest I firmly believe in.
Nice to learn more about you Sheila.

Shiela Stewart said...

Hi Maureen, thanks for popping in!

I don't live in an earthquake zone. There were no drafts, no activity whatsoever. I tried to reason it out but came up with nothing.

JM, thanks for stopping in.
That is totally freaky. I've had experiances like that as well and it really makes you go,Hmmm... Big Bang! OMG I love that show. Oh Sheldon and his famous three knocks on the door. LOL

Hi Leanne, nice to see yous top in!
My hubby is the type to try and rationalize everything. he's a non-believer. But there are some cases where you just have to stop and question. :)

JoAnne Kenrick said...

Hi, Shelia -- fascinating story about your childhood haunted home :) thanks for sharing.
As for the ball moving on its own, that's a tough call because it could have a variety of explanations, especially if there has been no other occurrences before or since that experience. Best way to answer that would be if there were any other happenings experienced during that 'ball play'. For example, did you get the chills, or feel that lovely 'cobweb' feeling across your head (feels like a tightening of the skin).

Quite often just an influx of personal energy such as anxiety or excitement have been known to move objects...quite interesting.

Time will tell, maybe you'll have some more ghostly stories to share soon!

kathleen said...

Since we're sharing ghost stories, I've had a few sightings myself. When I was a child, I either saw the ghost of my grandfather, or I was suffering from a high fever. I'd like to believe he paid me a visit.

Great post!

Shiela Stewart said...

Hi Kathleen!

I would choose that your grandfather paid you a visit as well. :)