Saturday, February 26, 2011

Show and Tell Saturday with Ann Mayburn

Trying to give a title to your book is almost as hard as naming your child. You want it to draw people in. To let them know that there is something amazing waiting for them if they choose to read your book. The title should seduce the reader's imagination and make them want more. A lot to ask from a few little words, huh?

Daughter of Lust is my debut erotic paranormal romance novel with Decadent Publishing. I have to say, the title came to me fairly easily.  I realize the very nature of the word lust brings to mind all kinds of racy images. Lust is a very powerful word, and it often brings to mind sinful and forbidden pleasures. The kind of pleasures and needs that you only whisper about in the dark, glad that your partner can't see your furious blush at even thinking of such things. Or maybe you haven't found the courage yet to speak such words aloud, instead keeping them safely in your mind where they never fail burn your blood.
The leading lady of the novel, Natalia, is trying to deal with the overwhelming power of lust-both blood lust and carnal passions. A peasant living in Kazan, Russia in the 1800's, she's ashamed and confused by her wicked desires. No one she knows ever talks about sex, let alone speaks of their erotic dreams. She believes she's losing her mind as her cravings for blood and lust grow to the breaking point. 

At night, her dreams are filled with the press of skin, the exchange of breath, and soul wrenching need.  Strange passions urge her to force the son of a local mafia lord into submission and the return of a childhood crush arouse the shadowy side of her soul. The demonic side of her essence has been slumbering, but now threatens to awaken fully and take over her life. Natalia is about to learn that demons are very real, and the balance of Heaven and Hell hang on the threads of her love.
I hope that the title of my novel has seduced your imagination. If you would like to read the first chapter of Daughter of Lust, please check out my website at


Redameter said...

A good title is important to any book. Also I have found that the shorter the better. It's hard for an artist to put a long title on the cover. Three to four words work best.

Good luck with your book.

Love and blessngs

Maureen said...

I like the title...I keep wondering who 'lust' is... You know, "This is my Dad, his name is Lust. James Lust."


Author Leanne Dyck said...

Ditto, Rita. As someone with an appalling memory (I called my first friend "little Miss Pretty face") I whole-heartedly concur. That's why the title of my next book is one word--Turning.
The best of luck with your HOT new book, Ann

Kathleen said...

The title of a book, along with the cover, are what makes us pick it up. The blurb is what makes us buy it. Daughter of Lust meets all the criteria.

Ann Mayburn said...

Awwwww, thanks you guys for stopping by! I really appriciate the support and you taking the time to read about a little piece of me. :)

Red- Good point, I can keep my titles short, but my series names 'For the Love of Evil' tend to be monsters. :P

Maureen- Lust in this case is Asmodeous, High Prince of Hell and keeper of the Deadly Sin Lust. :D

My favorite sweater maker- From a woman with a half nekid man on her book cover, I'll take Hot all the way. :D

Kathleen- You do know I'm printing that and framing it on my wall for daily affirmations that I'm not a total hack, right? :D Your sentiment was very kind and very much appriciated. :D

Valerie Mann said...

I just finished a paranormal with "hellish" elements. I'm going to pick yours up, I'm really into that genre now. And yes, your cover is hot on so many levels. The artist really captured the feel, don't you think?