Friday, February 18, 2011

Just the Facts with Graylin Fox!

Well, I’m supposed to tell you some things about me.

Where to start? 

1.    I am grateful social media didn’t exist in the 80’s so the memories of me in the zebra striped mini-dress, 3 inch heels, and feathered aqua-net hair can fade with time. 

2.    I LOVE fairies. I love the history, the artwork, everything. The ‘got fairy’ image is on my keychain and one of my huge t-shirts.

3.    I was an athlete as a teen. I swam on the city swim team and even made it to regionals one year. 

4.    I am an earth/nature lover, tree hugger, who can NOT keep a plant alive for anything. You want to save the beautiful flowers, leave them where they are and send me a picture. 

5.    Spit makes me gag. Really. I can see other body fluids on TV and in movies, no problem. But hock a loogie and I’m gagging. Ick. Just got a little queasy writing this. 

6.    I can write gruesome horror but cannot sit through suspenseful horror movies. Gore, ok. Blood, ok. Guts, ok. Freddy Krueger? I’m under the seat.

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Maureen said...

Amen, to that whole thing. You bet, no photos of me with the tube top and blue eyeshadow... Or in that horrible polyester McDonalds uniform...or the red Kentucky Fried uniform...

With you on the spit, too!

Maybe we're long lost twins?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it! I get all squicky just hearing someone clearing their sinuses.

Liz said...

My grandmother had the worst phlegm. I dont' know if it was always that way, or what, but my goodness. I would wake up in the dead of night to the sound of her clearing her throat and it would just irk the crap out of me.

Sara Brookes said...

Aw, c'mon everyone wants to see the zebra mini-dress!!

Oh good, so I'm not the only one who kills every plant that walks through her front door. Green thumb, I ain't.

P. Kirby said...

Oy, the Eighties. Me 'n my big hair. Between the hairspray and frequent perms, my head could have been designated an EPA Super Fund site. Downright toxic.

Kathleen said...

It would be cool to see eighties pics of everyone. Maybe we're on to something. lol

Faires are on my list of favorites, too.

Redameter said...

I love the cover of Coming Home, really catching. But then all the covers at Decadent are great!

Spit doesn't bother me, Freddie doesn't bother me, Michael Myers on the other does scare me. Only I wish they had just let him die. He would have been much scarier that way. Now he's just a zombie, so so mnay others.

Great list there. Interesting, swimming, don't see that one often.

I love trees too. Come from Texas where there are a lot of them, especially the oak and pecan.

Silke said...

Drooling babies.
No they're not cute. Ick!

As for the plants... I've been trying to kill an Oleander for the past 16 years. It's resisting.
It's outside the door, having decided it wants to be a tree. I haven't watered it since October, and it just doesn't care.
Wanna come for a visit? :P

Lisa Fox said...

Spit is totally gross, but feathered aqua-net hair is awesome. Totally 80s-tastic.

Ann Mayburn said...

I am grateful social media didn’t exist in the 80’s so the memories of me in the zebra striped mini-dress, 3 inch heels, and feathered aqua-net hair can fade with time.

Awww, we want pictures! Tell you what, I'll go dig through my attack for some embarasing boy arn't I hot teenage pictures and I'll post them if you post yours. :D

Stacia Kelly said...

Yeah, social media might not have existed....but you better watch those friends who have PICTURES from those days and just love to post them on FB. *shakes head*

Love fairies! Have several statues. Spit doesn't bother me....but start telling me about an in depth medical procedure....esp when related to my grandmother and my world tilts.