Friday, February 25, 2011

Just the Facts Friday with Kiera Kroft!

Things you might like about Keira Kroft. Pleeeeeease— somebody’s gotta like me…anybody? LOL

         I am an awesome chess player. That is how hubby won my heart, he beat me at chess.
        I have a daughter that will be going to college next fall.
.     Hubby and I own a comic book store in a mall.
.     I’ve watched kids out of my home for that last twelve years… still do.
.     I am so clumsy that I once cut my lip eating pizza…don’t ask.
.     I get up every morning at between 4:30 am and 5am to write.
.     I have had various jobs that range from Precinct Captain to county clerk and everything in between, including bartending and receiving a vet assistance degree.
.     I am addicted to self help books—seriously addicted. I wander if there’s a self help book for that? LOL
.     I’ve started a website that aids new, struggling and un-published authors.
.    Glow in the Dark will be my first published piece of work. I have been around so long bugging people about my writing that they just assumed I had already been published…nope.

These revelations are between you and me and if I pick up a stalker because of this blog, I will blame you! Unless he’s six feet tall with six pack abs, then I’ll forgive you J

If you are really interested in me you might want to pick up Glow in the Dark when it is released, because a person’s truest form is shown in their writing…blah, blah, blah…did I mention the smoking hot fireman?

Have a rockin awesome day!
Hugs, Keira


Maureen said...

Sorry, Keira, no smoking hot firemen...but I hear if you set fire to your house, they might show up!

Why don't you write a book for people who are addicted to self-help books? ;-)

Nina Croft said...

Wow - 4.30 every morning - I'm so impressed.
I love your cover - and a smoking hot fireman as well - I'll definitely be looking into this one.

Keira Kroft said...

Good morning Maureen,

It's good to see you this morning. You are always so sweet. If you set fire to your house be sure to call me to stop by with the popcorn LMAO :D The house is extreme though, do you need your garage, LOL :)

Have a rockin awesome weekend!
Hugs, Keira

Keira Kroft said...

Good morning,

Nina, I love your name it's so pretty.

If you lived in the circus tent I do. You would get up as early as possible to find some quiet, too, LOL :) Seriously, hubby and his cat literally run around the house chasing each other and playing peek-a-boo, my daughter constantly asks me questions to wit she already knows the answer because “she knows everything”. All while my daughters cat and my cat fight LOL :) And I still watch kids.

Have a rockin awesome weekend!
Hugs, Keira

Kemberlee said...

430am? Are you mad? I'm usually heading to bed around then.

Great to learn more about you. You're too funny. And what's not to like about a funny girl?! :-)

Keira Kroft said...

@Kemberlee...Baby you made it :) I'm so glad to see personal friend here :)

carsonbuckingham said...

Hey there! Great to know more about you! Chess! I'm so impressed. It's a game I always wanted to master, but I don't seem to have much of a head for strategy! Hey,why don't you do a 10 Things you don't know about our editors to introduce each of us?

Carson B.

Kemberlee said...

Hey, I'm following you around like a virus. That's what friends do. ;-)
(Funny how my word verification says 'mentl'. Think someone is trying to tell me somethng??)

Kathleen said...

I think self-help books are wonderful! There's always room on my bookshelf for another success story.

Fun facts, too. Congrats on your upcoming release!

Jeanette said...

Ok, how does your friend not know you play chess?...and I thought I knew you, sheesh, LOL. Amazing what you can still find out just by reading a short blog. Love your sense of humor....don't ever lose that :)


Author Leanne Dyck said...

I really like how your paying it forward for the new authors, congratulations.

JM said...

You sound like a hoot. Where on earth do you find time to do anything? And stay sane? Watching kids is not easy.
Great post. Looking forward to your book.

Keira Kroft said...

Kemberlee, you know what they say…”birds of feather”

Keira Kroft said...

Jennifer, how where those chocolates? Are you driving down to Chicago to look for a Fannie may store yet?

Keira Kroft said...

Jeanette as my bff and proof reader, do all those typos in my blog having you going insane because you can’t go in and fix them. Sorry I don’t control this blog. Hee hee I laugh because I know it’s driving you nuts, LOL

P. Kirby said...

4:30 am? Glurk.

I'm not even human until 9:00 am and a gallon of caffeine.

Keira Kroft said...

P.Kirby I said I was up...I never said anything about being human, LOL

Keira Kroft said...

Thank you Kathleen

Keira Kroft said...

Carson that is the most splendid idea

Keira Kroft said...


I am not paying it forward I have sympathy for the hell they are going through. I think a writer looking for a publishing contract is compared to Golem looking for the ring, “One publisher to rule them all” LOL and Decadent Publishing rules.

Maureen said...


If only I had a garage, perhaps my clutter problems wouldn't be so extreme!

(Then I could fill the garage with clutter and then set it on fire! Whoohoo!)

Actually, I've had firemen here twice. Ashcan fire I put out but called them anyway to make sure I'd done it thoroughly. And when they came with the paramedics. Have no idea then if they were hunky or not...

Oh, and then came when a power line fell... Man, I've had them here a lot! ;-)

Keira Kroft said...

If you call them one more time they might have you investigated, LOL :) Paramedics? Is everything all right? :I

Maureen said...

Oh, yeah. EMT stuff was four years ago... My flirtation with dying. They did help save my life... And were glad to see me all hale and hearty months later when they showed up to take care of the power line...

One of them said, "We never know how people are after calls like that. Good to see you up and about!"

Redameter said...

WEll, sounds like everyone has their own cat at your house. I'm allergic to cats, so I guess I won't be inviting myself over. Good for you getting up and finding time to write. I almost laugh when I'm asked when do I find time. You don't, you make time!

Love and blessings

Becca Dale said...

Congrats on your first release,Keira. Gotta love a fireman. I had to laugh at the klutz comment. I once broke a toe getting out of bed but have never hurt myself on pizza. That is a whole different level. I am impressed.

Deena said...

A little late, but had to stop by and say hey to you! So do you have a Wonder Woman costume hiding somewhere in your store that you whip out and juggle all the hats you wear? :D LOL

Cheryle said...

Kudos on your comic book store, I've seen so many go out of business because the owners didn't know how to expand or offer additional services. How cool, running a comics store.