Friday, January 14, 2011

Just the Facts Friday with Ellen Keener

Hello All! Thanks for stopping by to see my contribution to Just the Facts Friday. We’ll see if I can make this interesting enough for you….

Seven things most people don’t know about Ellen Keener:

  1. If I were ever to become President my first act of office would be to institute Chick-fil-A all over the country. Not just because I find it against all good sense that they disappear in the northern states. Also because everyone needs their ice tea. I drink ice tea 24 hours a day. Seriously. If the world runs out of all ice tea, I’ll die.
  2. I browse places like Home Depot and Ace Hardware for fun. I’m a tech ed teacher, but also do mixed media. You know, in my free time. The hardware store in town has a couple of very nice older gentlemen who always check in on me anxiously because they don’t understand why I’m muttering to myself while holding plumbing fittings and dowel rods and looking at the nuts and bolts but not the screws that go with them.
  3. I can wiggle my ears. Hey, maybe not the most unique of talents, but it comes in handy for truth or dare.
  4. I’m a twenty-something and I live in the middle of nowhere and like it. It’s good that I have a roommate who’s social, or I’d probably never get out much. The only downside? If it rains too much, I have waterfront property, but I can’t leave and enjoy it because my car can’t get through the water.
  5. I am the biggest dork in the world. I watch PBS like its everyone else’s reality television, buy every version of Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre ever made, and got more excited over my Two Fat Ladies DVD collection than all the other gifts my best friends got me combined.
  6. I used to be an administrator at a gifted summer camp. I have actually had to say to children, “no, just because you file your teeth down and watch the moon, you are NOT a vampire.” I have also been accused of allowing students to blow up toilets and fill a building with crap. Literally.
  7. Last, and my best friend claims this is one of my weirder qualities, I never eat both ends of French fries or pickles. I don’t know why either. It’s a thing. And yes, I pick which end is edible and which isn’t. Now you see another reason I love Chick-fil-a? No ends on the fries!

Here’s hoping you’ve been entertained for a few minutes. I hope you’ll take a few more and read about my novel, Blood Moon. Hopefully I’ll have something else out soon. Its in the process of editing at the moment.



Maureen said...

Well, that is one way to cut down on the calories! Always leave a bit behind!

Valerie Mann said...

We're going to have to agree to disagree, Ellen! LOL I think Chick Fil A has the worst french fries, they're like little waffle sponges. And their breading is too sweet. And the only place that has worse sweet tea is Bojangles...a real southern treat, for sure (although I love Bojangles Cajun chicken and fries...YUM!). But I agree with everything else you said, LOL. And hey, if the worst thing you ever did if you were Prez is to institute bad restaurants around the country, I'd VOTE for you! :D

Anonymous said...

Val - No Chikfila? *gasp* But at least I have your vote.... I suppose that will do. For now. lol.

L.K. Campbell said...

I remember The Two Fat Ladies show. My husband found it on The Cooking Channel recently. Couldn't watch T.V. without PBS.

Samantha Gail said...

I think I need to buy the Two Fat Ladies DVD collection:) That picture is hilarious!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Wiggling your ears--how cool. I always wanted to. My husband can, but not me. It isn't far.
Yeah, to living in the middle of nowhere--me too, and I also love it.
Oh, what do you mean this blog isn't all about me? : )
Any who, this was very interesting, Ellen. Thanks for writing.
PS (Not that I've done it) Eating only one end of fries and pickles does make sense. Then you don't have worry about the germs you are spreading my way of your fingers (or course, you could use a fork to hold them)

Redameter said...

I like Chick-fil-a I that how you write it, don't know. But I like it. CAn't wiggle my ears either. What a cool blog. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.

Love an blessing

Silke said...

I'm going to have to disagree on the Chick-fil-a. Gimme Bojangles.
A friend in NC introduced me to their biscuits (or is it bisquits?) and I was sold. Of course, if you asked anyone over here to have biscuits with your bbq, they'd think you lost your mind.
You wouldn't get a white bread roll, either. No. You'd get a cookie. :)
Ahhh yes... US and UK: Two nations, divided by a common language...

Kathleen said...

Hi Ellen,
Thanks for a fun post, Ellen. I would die if the world ran out of coffee.
The kids at the camp must have been a blast. I hope you taught them to wiggle their ears. lol

Happy editing

Becca Dale said...

I live in the north so no sweet tea for me but I love chicken. I've never been to a Chick-fil-a, but I did get a coupon as part of a bonus once even though the closest one is states away. And I have never thought about any part of a French fry as inedible. I wish I could wiggle my ears - can't. I can make my tongue square-does that count? I adore Home Depot and Ace though. See we are so similar we could be sisters. LOL.

Ellen Keener said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Who knew so many people would pick bojangles over m,y fav? Never been a big fan of them, but to each their own! :) so glad you stopped by!