Monday, September 1, 2014

Turn the Calendar and Meet Mr. September

by Sara Daniel

It’s a new month! Time to pull out your Calendar Men calendars. While you’re doing that, I’ll give you some background on how they came into existence…
Leonidas Russo is a former US Marine-turned-fashion model. He uses his connections in the fashion world to put a call out for models to be featured in a charity calendar he's put together to honor the memory of his brother, an Army soldier who died in the Afghan war. Proceeds for the calendar in the stories will benefit The Fallen Warriors Family Fund, a charity that gives scholarships and assistance to the families left behind.
All together now, flip the calendar page up and gaze in adoration and unabashed lust at the ripped physique and chiseled face of Mr. September. This is his story…

Gretchen Meyers is a full-figured woman living in a model thin world. Desperate to end her mother's constant, nagging stream of dieting and fashion “advice,” Gretchen tackles the challenge of reviving her mother’s faltering modeling agency. All she needs is to woo back Kyle Ramsey, once the hottest model in the country.
Making the preemptive choice to turn his back on his career seemed Kyle’s only option until Gretchen comes calling. He doesn’t care what she wants to offer him, the answer is no. Still, he’s intrigued by her refreshing personality and all her lovely, lush curves.
When tragedy strikes, Kyle finds comfort and healing in Gretchen’s arms. But he can’t trust her with his career-ending secret and she doesn’t believe their relationship will survive the long term. He’s perfect and she’s not even close. Can the fragile ties holding them together survive Kyle’s opportunity to become a true model hero?

The restaurant scene, then, had done its job. Gretchen would have to send Jamie flowers. No, she’d send a box of fattening chocolates instead. “Did you enjoy your evening after I left?”
Kyle’s gaze narrowed, he pushed himself out of the chair. “Did you arrange with Jamie to drop by our table?”
“How could I, when I had no idea where we were going for dinner until we were there?” Not to mention, she’d have preferred to sever essential body parts than ask Jamie Feldman for anything. But her irrational possessiveness was her own problem. “The important thing is you had a good time, and you’re ready to make up for everything you’ve been missing over the past year.”
“Those things aren’t important at all.” He advanced on her slowly.
She took a step back and came up against the door she’d closed a moment before.
Kyle flashed a predatory smile. He took her purse and briefcase from her shoulder, setting them aside. Then he rested his forearms on either side of her head and stared into her eyes, his lips a scant inch from hers as he spoke. “I’m here for you. Our date deserves another shot.”
Her heart thundered. The thick eyelashes framing his gray-green eyes mesmerized her. He stood too near for her to formulate a coherent response. This much physical perfection and sex appeal should be outlawed. Her mind was not equipped to handle it.
“What do you say?” he asked.
Yes, take me. “I say, why me?” Her voice rose with an embarrassing squeak as she struggled to compose a rational argument and remind herself she was in her office, just feet away from her employees who’d never seen her anything less than one hundred percent professional. “I get why you went out with me on Saturday. You’d shut yourself away from the world, and I was the first woman to find you. But you’ve been reminded you can have Jamie or anyone else you crook your finger for. Why do you still want me?”
His gaze softened with a tenderness that pierced her heart. He brushed his thumb along her cheek. “How could I not want you, Gretchen? You’re smart and funny and beautiful and not afraid to let a guy who has no idea what you like order for you on a first date.”

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Sara Daniel writes what she loves—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She lives her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband. Connect with her online at:

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Passionate Trails

The hero and heroine of Passionate History, Aidan and Bree, are an unlikely couple in many ways. Aidan is reserved, Bree is impetuous. Bree travels the world to get away from her New England upbringing, Aidan left urban Edinburgh, Scotland, for rural Massachusetts and never went back. Aidan’s an art history professor, Bree is his student. (For more on that, read the book!)
But one thing they have in common is a love of the outdoors, and they each have experience hiking the Appalachian Trail, a.k.a. the A.T. The A.T. is a roughly 2200 mile long continuous hiking route that starts in Georgia and ends in Maine. Some people hike the entire thing in one season; others just dip their toe in and hike a few miles of it in an afternoon. Neither Aidan nor Bree have hiked the entire trail, but I like to think that they might tackle some of the prettier stretches together sometime, and reward themselves at the end of a long day’s hike by getting cozy in their two person tent ;) 
For more reading about the Appalachian Trail, I highly recommend the memoir A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, which recounts his experiences attempting to complete the trail in a season and also paints a portrait of the remarkable existence of the trail itself.

Happy trails!

About Passionate History

On the eve of her college graduation, Bree Ross seduces her favorite art history professor. She doesn’t expect buttoned-up Professor Worthy to give her the best sex of her life, or anticipate that leaving him to start her post-college life would be so difficult. Their unforgettable encounter haunts her, and five years later, she finds herself back on campus for her college reunion—with a specific goal in mind. How hard could it be to convince her ex-professor to write her a letter of recommendation for graduate school?

Straight-laced Professor Aidan Worthy has adhered to his carefully-aligned morals his entire teaching career…until Bree Ross walks into his classroom. Guilt plagues him for his one transgression because that one amazing night has been seared onto his brain. When she waltzes back into his life after five years of silence, he’s not thrilled. But he can’t deny the illicit spark they once shared has not disappeared, and he worries he won’t be able to resist temptation a second time.
Over the course of the tumultuous reunion and commencement weekend at Weston University, rain, relatives, and rental cars force the two to confront their sizzling desire and burgeoning feelings. Is their passionate history enough to keep them together, or will it drive them apart?

About Libby:
Libby Waterford writes steamy contemporary romances. She lives in Los Angeles with her family and works off her weekly pilgrimage to In-N-Out by swimming and climbing the city’s hidden staircases.

Twitter: @LibbyWaterford

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Thursday, August 28, 2014


By Taryn Kincaid

What’s that you say?
You haven’t read my very first ever 1Night Stand story yet?
The first book in my Sleepy Hollow series of 1Night Stands?
The book in which I introduce you to sweet and sexy Lily Night, a somewhat reluctant succubus (and understandably so, all things considered), her  hunky high school crush, even more smokin’ 10 years down the line than he was on prom night?  (And that’s saying something!)
The book in which I introduce you to Lily’s sizzling and hard-to-handle sisters, Dagney and Zena?
Well, here’s your chance!


For five days (August 28 through September 1) on Amazon only, you can one-click your way into Lily’s hot date with Campbell Jones, the great love of her life, the one that got away, the baffled and bedazzled boyfriend (who’s since learned a thing or two or thirty-four) she put into a coma back in the day, when sex in the backseat of Camp’s Camaro  got a little too electric for either of them to handle.


Did I mention?

(No quizzes, no anecdotes, no contests, no comments necessary.)

Click:  HERE

In mystic Sleepy Hollow, succubus Lily Night put her prom date, Campbell Jones, into a coma after a night of wild, unbridled sex. She has steered clear of mortals ever since, afraid of damaging them or worse, not to mention the inconvenience of knocking out the power every time they have sex.
Successful architect Campbell Jones has lived with strange powers and a sexy secret since that prom night. He’s buried himself in work to forget the woman who’d dumped him at the ER then vanished from his life without a trace.
Neither Lily nor Campbell have forgotten that night or the love they’d shared. Will a 1Night Stand help them bury their past?

“A little higher and more to the left.”
Lily Night narrowed her eyes as the building maintenance man shifted her framed diploma on the freshly-painted wall opposite her desk. She tried not to ogle the firm ass encased in a pair of tight jeans or the way the man’s shoulder muscles rippled beneath his T-shirt.
Maybe if I pop an Altoid, I’ll have an excuse to wipe away the drool.
She refrained from jumping the handsome worker dude’s bones. The last time she’d dallied with a human, the encounter had not gone well. Vivid images of that long ago prom night bombarded her. Campbell Jones had been a young, strapping, hunk-and-a-half football player and they’d started their date full of hope and expectation and lust. When he’d adjusted the fragrant gardenia corsage on her wrist, she’d inhaled his crisp, citrus scent and thought she might swoon at the sight of him in his tux. The black material stretched across broad shoulders that mirrored the promise of the bruising man he’d be in his prime. But she’d all but sucked him dry as flashes of lightning crackled over their heads. By the time dawn painted the sky, she’d turned him into a mere shadow of his former self. Literally.
And briefly knocked out cell phone service in the lower Hudson Valley, as well.
She’d sworn off humans ever since. Instead, she pulled all-nighter after all-nighter to evade the dreams in which men called to her—and to avoid the university dating scene that inevitably led to frequent and addicting sex.
Mortals. Bleh.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When A Fairy Tale Becomes a Fairytale

By Melissa Shirley

When I first ran across the call for Beyond Fairytales by Decadent Publishing, it was quite by accident. I was actually looking for an agent for another MS and came across the google page. Of course, being a big fan of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, I thought it would be a lot of fun. Thinking I would get one of the princesses or at worst, Red Riding Hood, I sent my email and received the Goose Girl at the Pond. I read the Brother’s Grimm original and there was no romance. There was no clear line. No big deal. I was allowed to twist it and turn and manipulate it any way I wanted. So, I had the basis for the story.
Then, I had to decide where to put my princess and only one place made sense—Storybook Lake, home of quirky buildings and beautiful boys looking for love. But which one should belong to her? That is the exact moment I ran across Dylan Laugherty, fun loving former FBI agent turned farmer who’d recently moved to Storybook Lake. Blond-haired, blue-eyed Dylan formed the perfect counterpart to Becca Heller’s rich girl, dropped into exile with her Granny, overly spoiled princess demeanor. Their chemistry was immediate, although somewhat contentious.
On a roller coaster ride of love/hate moments, Becca and Dylan navigated their way through her attitude problems, his preconceived notions, and a family get together whereby Becca was reminded of her bad-girl ways. Once I threw an ex-girlfriend into the mix, the story took a shape I hadn’t even imagined.
For me, since they are like my children now, there are so many things to love about Dylan and Becca but my favorite parts are the lines they throw back and forth which show their personalities. Their one liners always make me smile.

“So there’s no water, no bathroom, just an outhouse, and I have to read by candlelight?” –Becca
“I think we should take the awkward for a spin and see where we end up.” –Dylan
“No, I thoroughly enjoyed groping you. I’d like to do it again, even. Soon.” –Dylan
 “Hmm. Kinky. I’m not having a threesome with you and your blow-up doll, Farmboy.” –Becca
“Choose your words carefully, Farmboy. I’m the one holding Godzilla’s salad fork and you’re in striking range.” –Becca

And then, since it Becca’s story told in her own words, her thoughts come shining through as an exercise in her quick wit.

Was this some weird farm boy proposition because I had finally surrendered style to the comfort and warmth of flannel?
One shower had not made us comrades.
I had to assume that every song and poem that had ever been written about kissing had been written by someone who’d kissed Dylan Laugherty, because they had it on the money.
If he kissed me one more time, I was going to melt into a very sticky puddle of horny girl.

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Dylan and Becca are some of my favorite Storybook Lake residents… Oh, who am I kidding? I love them all and most of them usually come back from story to story revealing more and more bits of the town and continuing the stories before them.  Come back to Storybook Lake often for more fairy tales and more loves that last a lifetime.

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