Thursday, November 4, 2010

Living the Decadent Life!

by Rebecca Royce

Hello! I’m author Rebecca Royce and this is my first time blogging at the Decadent Publishing blog so HELLO and Thank You for having me! While I am new to Decadent Publishing, my first book Initiation, a Young Adult Paranormal, doesn’t have a release date yet, I’m not all that new to publishing and I have to admit, I love to Blog!

Today, I was thinking about Decadence. What does it mean to live a Decadent Life? Does it mean having what you want? Because aren’t we, as good men and women, not supposed to indulge in all of our greatest fantasies?

A good example of this, I suppose, could be illustrated with a television show I was watching while I ate my lunch today. The show is called House Hunters International. It follows couples, usually Americans, on a journey to purchase Real Estate in foreign countries.

Today’s adventures were about a couple who had two children from Idaho. They had sold a bunch of houses they’d fixed up themselves and now they were moving to Honduras and they wanted to buy a beach resort.

I watched, stunned, as they looked at one beach resort after another and contemplated the pros and cons of each resort as both a business and a home. Finally, I realized what it was that had me staring at the television with my mouth open like a landed fish. These people were actually moving from Idaho to do something that most people talk about doing but never ACTUALLY do. And seeing them doing it felt…decadent to me. The idea that people might decide to live the life they want to lead as opposed to the one that would be normal, more standard, is somehow indulgent. They were throwing away their comfortable life in Idaho for a much more adventurous one in Honduras. Heck, I suppose it wouldn’t be too much to say it’s the kind of thing heroes and heroines do in the fiction I read and write. In real life, I know very few people who throw caution to wind and sail off into the sunset. (Especially with a 3 year old and 1 year old with them.)

But, why not? Life is short.

I started to think about this in terms of my own life. Isn’t that exactly what I’m doing? Writing things I hope to get published (like my book coming out with Decadent Publishing!) as opposed to spending that time doing something that might be considered more productive?

So, I decided to applaud the couple from Idaho who have never run a resort before in their journey to Honduras as I embrace my decision to keep writing and telling the stories in my head!

Best to you today! Rebecca Royce


Maureen said...

Nice perspective! I never thought about of my writing as a decadent pursuit.

I will now!

Rebecca Royce said...

Hi Maureen,
Thanks for stopping by! I had never thought of it that way either!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog! I'd never really thought of it that way - now I feel very impressed with myself. lol. Thanks for the pick-me-up!


Kathleen said...

Beautifully spoken, Rebecca. I watch House Hunters International too, and admire the people that pursue their passion, instead of following what everyone else is doing. Life is short, so let's all keep doing what we love. I look forward to reading your books, and welcome to Decadent Publishing.

Deena said...

Hi, Rebecca. Very eloquently said. I believe writing to be decadent as well, an escape from the mundane and ordinary. House Hunters International is a favorite of my husband's and mine, and probably had a hand in our drastic move from the east coast to Arizona. We are living in our retirement area far sooner! :)

Redameter said...

I think writing is decadent to others, like readers more than us because writing is a choice and a freedom, but since we do enjoy it, I can see the decadence of it all.

Others tend to think it's the life of riley and easy life. If only they knew! Still, it is so fulfilling, so ...okay, decadent! LOL

Great article, and interesting take on our lifestyles.

Love and blessings

Rebecca Royce said...

Ellen--Thank you for coming and commenting!

Kathleen--Yes! I admire people so much who do what they say they want to do. I remember when my husband and I first made up our wills (right after we had out first child) the lawyer told us he's always impressed by the people who've actually bought the boat they say they will buy! It reminds me of that!

Deena--Years ago, my grandmother retired to Tuscon. We used to love to go from the East Coast to visit her there!

Redameter--I agree, people don't know how much work goes into actually doing the writing!

Thanks everyone for coming by!

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Whether or not you view being engaged in the arts as decadent may depend on where you live or upon what those around you do. I know my attitude changed greatly when I moved from a community where artists weren't seen or felt to one where they were.

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Wow, I just noticed the banner. Very cool!

Rebecca Royce said...

Thats a good point Sweater Curse. It makes a lot of sense in terms of how much we do or do not value the arts. Thank you for your comment on the banner. I love it. LOL

Anonymous said...

Great job, Rebecca!!

Rebecca Royce said...

Thanks Heather. So fun being here!