Thursday, November 11, 2010

Balancing Games with Vivi Dumas!

Life as a writer is full of balancing games. First, I must balance writing with my day job, the tasks of being a wife and mother. Sometimes we’re able to keep the balls all in the air and some days they come crashing to the ground with a loud thud. I tend to zone into my own world and forget what’s going on around me and must force myself to look up and take a breath.

I also must balance my fictional life as Vivi Dumas and my real life. I admit Vivi is a little freer and loose around the edges than the real me. I tend to trend on the conservative side at times. So, it’s fun to have another persona to unleash and be a little different. But how much do we let our fictional writing lives invade our reality. I’ve learned being two people is a lot of work.

Now, I’m learning to add a new task to my balancing act. Marketing. Between guest blogging, interviewing, sending out review copies, writing has fell short. All these things can become a bit overwhelming for a newbie like me. So, I’m figuring out how to make it all work.

Things that help when the sun and moon aligns:

· A “To Do” list

· * Scheduling time for specific tasks, such as time for writing and time for family. If it’s not in my BlackBerry it doesn’t exist.

· * Take some time for myself. Just a small spot in the day just to take a breather or shut my mind down.

Things that I’ve learned along the way:

· * I am actually just one person. Sometimes the fictional life and real life collides. It might not be pretty when it happens.

· * Less is more at times.

· * Never say anything that you might want to take back later.

· * Stay true to yourself no matter what.

I would love to hear how all of you stay balanced and sane in this crazy world we’ve created in our imaginations and seeped into our realities.



Maureen said...

Well, it's easy to balance when you're so buried so deep, there is no danger of falling to one side or the other.

But I really do thrive in good soil, and it's good soil! So, no complaining!

When I'm able to pull my roots out, I take a walk with my dog on the blugg, and in that fresh air, I find renewal. If not balance! ;-)

JoAnne Kenrick said...

Hi, Vivi
Great blog post!

To-do lists and spreadsheets are my best friend.

Life as an author is completely different to a life of a writer-- well, unless you're a NY bestseller that is. But even they have to do the whole social networking thing.

In my opinion, real life should come first, and then writing. I've heard it from all corners of the writing world -- don't get hung up on promo – looks like it’s embedded in me now hehe.

Sure, promo is important. And coming up with ‘novel’ ideas to promo is great -- quality rather than quantity so you don’t burn out, or your creative juices.

When I need reminding of what's important, I open up a word doc and let the plot bunnies loose on the page. It works every time :)
But those spreadsheets help remind me who wants a blog out of me, or an interview. And I set aside just a wee bit of time to complete said tasks.
And for me, I always, always take time to write each and every day. It keeps my thoughts focused on the current WIP. That way, the plot bunnies are working in the background while I'm doing other things.

Oh…and Happy Birthday xxx *smooches* hope you have some lovely treat planned for yourself to celebrate xx

JM said...

Great blog! I've found that balancing is as much a state of mind as anything. I don't get freaked about anything. My husband will tell anybody that I am the sane one of the couple, but his craziness keeps me tempered, if that makes sense. He makes me relax and play. I think everybody needs some kind of release to stay centered.

Robert C Roman said...

As I was reading your comment about 'sometimes the balls crash into the ground', I thought 'THAT'S what I keep tripping over!'. The balls, they lie on the ground and never really get into the air.

That's the case with just one of me, being me. I can't imagine what it would be like to have two personnas. That would make me go completely around the bend.

Go you!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for a great post, Vivi. As I am getting better at the balancing act. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I stop and take a deep breath, and remember to be grateful. That usually brings me back to sanity.

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

I have to get better at the balancing act. I need to make mayself a couple of to-do list! Great Post