Thursday, June 4, 2015

Get double the sci-fi romance this month with the Scifi Brigade’s Summer Café

By Eva Lefoy
Two of my science fiction romance books will be featured in this month’s Science Fiction Romance Brigade Summer Café. Along with other excellent authors, and plenty of giveaways, this will be a great event so don’t miss out!

The fun starts with Space Opera Week from June 1 – 7th. My book, The Trouble With Memories – featuring a sneak Martian attack on a deep space military base – will be highlighted on my blog. Find out what Lucy HATES to eat, and what she’d really choose off the menu in a fine restaurant.
In week 4 – Androids & Aliens from June 22 – 28th, I’m featuring Download My Love. The hero Everett, is an android who comes with many removable parts – a girl’s best friend! – and a whole buncha hunking muscle. Don’t miss out on his special capabilities because this man does more than cook. He’s a keeper!

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Here’s more info on the (2) books I’m featuring for the Summer Café:


Helium toads!
Lieutenant Lucy Borasco has her phase pistol ready and her ex-boyfriend in her sights. She has every intention of making him pay for choosing his career over her. But she hadn’t factored in a Martian sneak invasion, Cal’s incessant need to save the universe, or the risk of permanent damage to her complexion. Getting Cal back will cost her more than she thinks, leaving her changed forever.
Captain California Sykes’ memories are gone, his career is in ruins, and his ex-girlfriend nearly kills him with a kiss. Can he overcome the Martian invasion, save the rest of the team and win Lucy back again in the process? Or will his seat-of-the-pants plans and the canned fish rations cost him everything he holds dear, including his sanity? 

Excerpt here


Security Core agent Everett is assigned a special case—protect the daughter of Simon Gold, the father of modern mechanoid life. To ensure her survival, Everett’s given a special EMO upgrade, and can experience love for the first time. He’s soon head over heels and the super-charged sexual attraction threatens to fry his circuits while he fights to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.
Samantha Gold detests her father’s work. She’s an off-the-grid back-to-lander who wants to keep life simple with her cows and her crops. When her father dies and inadvertently transfers a secret code to a hidden receptor in her brain, it’s only android Agent Everett who can protect her. Can she ever forgive her father for creating Everett—a man so perfect for her that he even loves her cows? 

Excerpt here

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