Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Duty, Honor, Love

 By Angela S. Stone

It’s here! It’s release day. I am so very, very excited to be here today talking about Duty, Honor, Love!!
I am in love with this series’ main character. Jaden Black. She’s a sexy and mysterious telepath with a heck of a secret and one amazing power. This book is told entirely from Cameron’s POV, but in the original draft it was about 50/50 being told from each of their perspectives.  Jaden’s mind is a bit chaotic so I abandoned her perspective and stuck with Cam (Who doesn’t love a hunky cop anyway?). Jaden is a dynamic, incredibly smart, often sassy detective; she worked her way up through the ranks with determination and sheer will power! I’m excited to say that in book 2, Duty, Honor, Sacrifice, we actually get a small hint as to what being Jaden must be like! And yes, I am crazy I’m already onto book 2 as book 1 is just rolling off the presses. Duty, Honor, Sacrifice, features two characters from this book (I’ll let you guess which two!) and their story is one you don’t want to miss!
I often have people ask me the inspiration for this series. How does one create a slightly alter contemporary world? I think for me it’s the fun in imaging, What if we could read people’s minds, what if we could move a glass with our minds,  answer our cellphones with-out moving a muscle, what if we could control our dreams, or someone else’s?  I love watching trashy TV it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, (and it makes for good background writing noise). What if someone really can talk to the dead [And as Jaden loves to point out, Medium’s don’t exist—or do they?]. I guess you’ll have to read to find out what awesome powers the characters in Toronto’s Elite have. In the meantime here is a special preview of Duty, Honor, Love!

Cameron Olsen believes in three things: the duty to his badge, the honor of being a police officer, and the love he has for his partner.
As a member of Toronto’s elite Special Investigations Unit, he has the privilege of working with Jaden Black, a powerful but naive telepath. As they hunt down a child rapist and killer, the case takes an unexpected turn, Cameron questions his badge, his profession, and who exactly his partner is, and what she’s been hiding from him.

“You can’t eat him, Paul.” Jaden’s panicked voice filled the cave.
The green dragon turned to look at the black dragon hurrying toward them. She stood on her hind legs, and Cameron could see she wasn’t all black. A green starburst the exact color of Jaden’s eyes splashed across the dragon’s chest.
“You should be resting,” Paul admonished.
It made perfect sense to him the black dragon with the green star was Jaden.
“I was cold,” she explained.
“Go lie down. I’ll be there once I take care of our guest.” He tried to give her a small push with his tail, and she reacted by raising her spikes.
“I told you, you can’t eat him!” Her deadly spikes swished to and fro with menace.
The green dragon sat on his haunches. “I wasn’t going to eat him. I was going to show him to the door.” He gestured toward the opening to the cave with his shorter forelegs, doing his best to appear innocent.
Cam watched in amazement as Jaden, the dragon, grew in size until she towered over the green one. “Do not lie to me, Paul! You were going to eat him.” Smoke curled from her nostrils.
“Now hang on a moment. He’s an unwanted visitor here. We cannot have people like him here, luv. They’re dangerous.” Paul, the green dragon, stared at Jaden.
“He’s not dangerous. I brought him here.” She shuffled closer to him, spreading out her wings to shield him.
“How could you bring him here?” Fire shot from the green dragon’s nostrils. He flinched and leaned in close to Jaden, convinced they were both going to be barbequed.
She fluttered out her wing, protecting him from the fire. “I didn’t mean to bring Cameron here, Paul. It was an accident.”
“Cameron. He’s Cameron?” He reached out with his broad green wing and lifted Jaden’s black one. “So, you’re Cameron.”
“Yes.” He hid behind the black dragon’s large hind leg, protecting himself from Paul.
The green dragon leaned in a few inches, regarding him with large yellow eyes. “Well then, why didn’t you say so?”
Jaden ruffled her wings, and slowly she decreased her size to normal. She nuzzled Cam with her snout. “I’m glad you stayed.”
“Dragons?” This all seemed a bit much. He felt calm, but the logical part of his brain screamed something wasn’t right, this wasn’t real.
Jaden smiled, or at least he thought it was a smile—her teeth were large and pointy. “It’s my natural dream guide. Come.” She folded her wing out and picked him up, tucking him into her side. She moved to where Paul had settled, waiting for her.
Paul sniffed Jaden. “I suppose you want him to sleep with us.”
“He’ll be cold.”

He huffed, smoke curling out of his nostrils. “Fine, we’ll sleep in a proper bed, then.”

Author Bio:
Angela S. Stone is a twenty-something Registered Nurse living in Ottawa, Canada. Angela finds inspiration in real life personal events for her books, often writing about issues she’s experience in her life. She is a proud Canadian and an even prouder girl from back east. She thoroughly enjoys writing novels featuring character that live in or are from the Maritimes. She’s recently met Mr. Right and when she’s not occupied with him she can be found hanging out at her local Bridgehead writing. She spends her free time advocating for minorities and persons with disabilities.

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