Friday, May 15, 2015

Get Ravaged!

I have Ravage, my hero from Seducing The Schoolmarm here for an interview.

Let’s get started!

So “Rav”, what makes you special?
 “I’m not so special darlin’, just a Southern man who was taught how to treat others right.”
His charm warms my cheeks as I sit across from him, the tip of my pen in my mouth. “What differentiates you from your kind? Then?” I wait, anxious to see if he’ll open up or not.
Ravage leans forward and delivers a panty dropping smile. “My kind is supposed to be a secret darlin’, I’m figuring you must want to be carted off to our land for an adventure of your own.”
 A growl reverberates through the air, making me turn my attention from “Rav” to the new intruder, and my heart flutters and my panties grow damp. Eyes wide, I take in the image in front of me. A scowling exact replica of the delicious male. Darting my gaze back and forth. I can’t decide who to look at more, the charming man in front of me or the beast who broke into my office, interrupting my interview.
“Excuse me,” I find my voice. “Who are you and why are you barging into a private interview?”
Sexiness on a stick flicks an annoyed gaze to the man across from me. “Raze, you can go now.”
“Oh! I didn’t realize there were two of you…til now.” I stammer. Dark and sexy swaggers over to his brother and punches him in the face. “Quit acting like you’re me, fuck face.”
Raze offers an apologetic gaze my way while cracking his jaw and standing. I notice two things, they are identical, from voice to looks, tattoos and all and it’s a bit overwhelming to have double the testosterone so close.
“Lovely, it was my pleasure meeting you. Have fun with this brute.” He shoves past his twin, out the door. I’m sad to see him go.
“He’s gay.”
“All right, now that we have that settled.” My cheeks pinken, so sue me I’m thinking what a waste, imagine the Galveston sandwich that could be. The beast looks at me with a hint of bafflement making me giggle.
“I got things to take care of darlin’ a twin bro and crazy younger sister who needs twenty-four hour supervision.”
“All right. So “Rav,” I was asking Raze what makes him/erm you special?”
“My cock.” He takes a seat and leans back. “I’m kidding darlin’. I’m not so special just a man.”
My mind is now stuck on what his dick looks like. As if he knows he teases me by lifting his shirt up a tad to show his rock hard abs. Fuck if it ain’t beautifully sculpted. I cough.
“Erm okay. What differentiates you from your kind? Then?”
He takes a minute to think, his hand runs through his ever so messy hair. “Fuck darlin’ that’s a bat shit crazy question. We’re all the same. Beasts. Me I’m a different breed of beast. A natural fighter, Shifter Mixed Martial Art fighter.”
“Wow. Can you elaborate?”
“I could but why would I do that when you can read the book.” He winks.
Do you have special abilities?
“I shift into a hulking wolf. What do you think?” He quirks a brow my way and gifts me with the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen, well except for his twins.
“And the stamina.” He adds for good measure.
Tell us about your most current adventure.
“Darlin’ most of my adventures revolve around a sexy schoolteacher and her habit of running. “Love a good hard chase.”
Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
“Hmph. Yeah, Teach seems to think, I need taken care of, though. Fuck if I know. I’m too busy taking care of everyone else. Fuckin’ feelin’s are not the way of the beast.”
Tell us a little bit about your world. 
“Why don’t you be our guest for a week?”
His turning around the question makes me laugh. “I can’t do that. I know I’d have to stay forever. Soooo…What kind of music do you listen to?
“Country boy at heart. Some rock but not that screaming bullshit. Man’s gotta be able to think.”
Is expressing love difficult for you? Why? “
He looks at me like I’ve grown two heads. “Why the hell would I want to talk about love?” He evades. His face softens a  tad. “I fuckin’ love that woman, have since I first heard sweet prissy her voice on the phone.” 
Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. Any Dark secrets?
 “The real me? Baby I don’t do pretenses as for secrets in my world gets you in a right fuck’d situation with the Alpha. Nah, don’t got time to be anything but this beast right here next to you.”
What is your most favorite thing to do?
“You know you said fuck twice.”
“Yeah? Maybe I like it twice as much.” He shrugs. 
“What’s your job for the Tao Pack?”
“I’m a dominant. I patrol and take care of shit needing taken care of, also helping rebuild our community.” A grin spreads across his face as he takes pride in being apart of something bigger than himself.
 Do you sing in the shower?
 “Do you? I find other fun things to do in the shower, singin ain’t one of them.”
Have you ever lost control? And what was the outcome?
 “Yes, and luv, no one wants to see that, least no one wanting to live.”
How many sex partners have you had? How many at one time?
“You tryin’ to get me in deep with the Mrs.? I plead the fifth.” He looks ansty to leave and I remember his familial obligations.
 “Any words of advice to leave the readers with Ravage?”

Seducing The Schoolmarm is available now. Stop by and read about the Galveston brood. Don’t get your panties in a twist if you don’t get enough of me. I promise you other stories are coming and you’ll see All.Of.Me. Again.” He takes my hand, kisses it and saunters out of the room.

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