Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Silver Chasings

By today, you may have seen FSOG movie and loved it or hated it. Writing Silver Chasings during the almost hysterical run-up to FSOG has challenged me to stay true to the vision for my story and not be not be tempted to tie into to the multi-media juggernaut.
The challenge I’ve embraced is to move stories out into a (somewhat) more real world setting with many characters beyond the first blush of youth, various socioeconomic backgrounds and a variety of kinks.  All this while trying to hold onto the elements of romance and erotica that draw a reader into a story and make them wish they could experience the ecstasy and the agony of the heroine for themselves.
Silver Chasings is the first in a series of stories that follow the denizens of Oceanfront as they experience life’s adventures, spiced by their BDSM desires.

About Silver Chasings

Taking a risk can lead to rewards of silver…
After fleeing a vicious divorce, Quin Landry has established a life, rebooted her career in Oceanfront, and resigned herself to an unfulfilling romantic life. Garrick Custis is an experienced Dom, long without his own submissive. Can Garrick and Quin overcome their longstanding barriers to a committed BDSM relationship? Of course they can! But getting there is all the fun.
While Garrick and Quin explore the erotic possibilities in Oceanfront, life goes on, including the murder of one of Garrick’s BDSM brethren. Meet the key players in the Oceanfront BDSM scene and plan to join them on future adventures.

Quin stepped into the bistro and peered around, eyes adjusting from the bright boardwalk to the dim interior. She spotted Nicole waving to her from a back table. And, oh damn, Garrick lounged in the seat opposite her. The man disturbed her equilibrium. He had been back to her place twice, planning renovations Nicole wanted for the duplex. Each time, his commanding presence had evoked yearnings. She had put BDSM out of her life several years ago. Maybe it was time to rethink.
She considered fleeing, but such a cowardly act would shred whatever dignity she had left with Mr. G.J. Custis. Why she cared, she couldn’t fathom at this moment.
The interior evoked Mediterranean seaside, and the menu tended toward the French. A romantic vibe Quin considered inappropriate, or perhaps unnerving, for a meal shared with Garrick. She slipped onto the bench seat next to Nicole, fussing with stowing sunglasses, turning off her ringer, smoothing her hair, bussing Nicole’s cheek. Fleeting annoyance roused at the sight of his faint smile, both acknowledgement of her delaying tactics and tacit acceptance of her fluster as his due. She sighed and his dimple flashed. “Good to see you again, Quin.”
She flushed at his wording, but pulled her professional armor up. She’d survived and thrived in tougher meetings than this. “And you, Garrick.”
 “Hey you two, I’m here,” Nicole said.
“Behave Nic. I’ve an hour before I need to meet my next clients.”
“Okay Garrick. I’d like to bring Nicole to Tempest this weekend. I need another sponsor for her. ”
Quin darted a glance between Nicole and Garrick. She’d agreed to accompany Nicole to a party. After all, they’d met in a dungeon in Washington. But Nicole hadn’t mentioned, not once, the contractor, the owner of the contracting business, participated in the lifestyle. She glared at Nicole who grinned back.
Garrick turned to Quin. “Why do you want to attend?”
She spun the stem of her wineglass, watched the liquid swirl. “I…how much has Nicole told you about me?”

About Kestra Gravier:
Kestra Gravier lives on the water’s edge at various times on the Eastern Seaboard, Ohio River Valley and Lac LĂ©man. She excels at writing characters with life experiences that drive their romances and adventures, and allows her characters to live in interesting settings.  
Several career changes and way too much education provide a vast array of plot drivers for Kestra’s stories.  Passion in the Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace? Flirtation with a Louisville iron sculptor? Zero-gravity flogging? Kestra lets you experience the sensations, the settings and the romance yourself.
Winner of the BDSM Writer Con inaugural Book Contest, receiving the highest praise from numerous reviewers for her short stories and novellas, Kestra continues to dramatize the stories welling in her imagination.

You can find out more about Kestra and her writing at: http://www.kestragravier.com/ and on Facebook.

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