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Dancing Through The Creators Series

The Dance of the Firefly
The Creators Book 2
By Kathy Bosman

Mix together a beautiful ballerina and ballet teacher, a sexy single dad, and a precocious-yet-sweet daughter, and emotions run high. Add racial and cultural differences, work contracts coming to an end, and hurts and memories from the past and sparks fly.
Rowena loves to dance but has ended up teaching ballet instead. When she helps out Cameron’s difficult daughter, a bond develops between the two dancers. Cameron makes Rowena uncomfortable because he stirs up new, unwanted feelings which make no sense when he intends to leave Zambia soon when his contract ends.
Cameron can’t resist sanguine live-wire Rowena who makes his daughter smile for the first time in years. But can he risk his heart again when memories of his late wife come back to haunt him? And Rowena has a lot more at stake in giving her all. 

I loved writing The Creators series. Each of my characters creates something – art, furniture, photos, or dances. Writers are used to being creative – we create new worlds that take our readers into an adventure. But what’s it like to create something completely different?
My husband likes to create things with wood. He hasn’t done it for a few years, but he’s really good at it. He’s also into photography. He takes stunning photos of birds and insects.
My son likes to create computer games. And for his age, he’s great.
My other son likes to create animations and graphics, and my daughter enjoys making a cartoon character or a delicious cake.
I’m stunned by my retired father’s wonderful talent in art. He’s taken up art in his old age and paints the most beautiful scenes.
I think we all have a stirring inside of us to make something unique that colors our world. Wouldn’t the world be dull if we all did routine things like kept accounts, swept the floor and built roads?
In The Dance of the Firefly, Rowena teaches ballet. When single Dad Cameron asks for help in giving his daughter extra lessons, they develop a bond. Rowena’s hiding a talent though. She’s always hurt about her dream not coming true – her dream to dance on stage. The disappointment of unfulfilled dreams surfaces in the book. I suppose that’s what both Rowena and Cameron struggle with – regrets from the past. And they certainly get in the way of their future opportunities.

I hope you enjoy reading The Dance of the Firefly as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ve always loved watching ballet and couldn’t resist writing a ballet heroine.

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