Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Meet Sam Malone – One Smart, Sexy, and Determined Cowboy

By V.S. Morgan

I’m very excited to be here today talking about my new release, Sam’s Temptation.  You may noticed the cover has one hot male with a lovely lady instead of another hot guy. Some of you may be surprised to know I also write m/f romances. My hubby and son sure were!
When I wrote The Gift, I not only created character profiles for Wyatt and Rafael, I made one for each of Wyatt’s brothers.  I needed them to be real in my head since family was so important to Wyatt. While The Gift obviously focused on my two heroes, the other Malone brothers were “speaking” to me.
The next brother who was ready for a story was Sam. He’s the second oldest brother, so he also felt responsible for his younger brothers when their parents died in a tragic airplane crash. While Wyatt wrangled their siblings on the home front, Sam completed two degrees in college so he could manage the ranch’s finances and keep it afloat. It was his idea to expand their Montana cattle ranch, Blackbird, to accommodate paying guests.  This strategy saved it from going under.
All the Malone men are handsome – tall, blond and with steel-blue eyes. Sam is the quiet brother. Originally an engineering student, this hunky cowboy is intelligent and a bit of a nerd.  As I turned to considering Sam’s love interest, he insisted he was straight. We had a whole discussion about it – yes, we writers are a strange breed. So I finally said, “Fine, Sam. But who should be your lady?”
And then it came to me. Not only could I share more of the Malone brothers but I could also bring in some of Rafael’s family, as well.  Sam meets Rafael’s cousin, Gabriela, in New York, sparking an attraction that continues to burn despite time and distance.
However when Gabriela comes to Blackbird on a working vacation, Rafael tells the Malone brothers “hands off.” 
Gabi is very smart, passionate, and owns her inner nerd, pushing all of Sam’s buttons. Sam battles with his desires for the deliciously sexy chef and honoring his new brother-in-law’s wishes.
Sam’s Temptation is mostly set at Blackbird, with Wyatt, Rafael, and most of the Malone brothers serving as key secondary characters.  I greatly enjoyed writing this multicultural foodie Western romance and look forward to hearing what readers think of Sam and Gabi’s story.

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