Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Whimsy at the Ofice

By Starla Kaye

The holidays are very special to me, especially Christmas. My holiday time (like most of you) includes, getting together with friends, the seemingly endless number of parties to attend, finding just the right gifts to give, and decorating. Sometimes there is stress involved and sometimes I have a moment or two of “When will this all end?” Anyone else ever feel that way?
I have an office in my husband’s accounting firm and I am always the office that staff and clients drift to see throughout the year. As you can guess, the other offices are…well, pretty conservative. Not mine, ever. I like to surround myself with fun stuff, like my collection of Western decorative items and stuffed cows. The cows represent the Blossom the cow stories I write for fun, and plan to turn into a children’s book series.
The firm has an annual office open house and they decorate, again fairly conservatively. Until they see my office with my whimsical cow tree. Then I bring in and share with everyone some of my Santa collection, my moose collection, and my snowman collection. The party attendees love seeing it all and that warms my heart.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Coming Soon: 
For Ruby’s Love

I have been drawn to cowboys since I watched my first Western movie years ago, and I have known a few over the years. As a writer, I have long enjoyed writing Western romance with my versions of the hunky, rough-edged, stubborn man in faded blue jeans, chambray shirt, scuffed boots, and a Stetson. And I have great fun matching my cowboy up with someone who will challenge him.
My cowboy in this story, Calhoun, first appeared in The CEO and the Cowboy, where after a surprising turn of events for him, he ended up finding a Happily-For-Now with Daniel (the CEO).
But in the back of my mind their story wasn’t ready to end there. They needed someone who would come into their lives, shake it up, and weave her way into their world…someone neither could resist, Ruby.

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Starla Kaye said...

As a surprise not in the original post, I am hosting a contest here.

CONTEST: Leave a comment on whatever you do special for the Christmas holidays, including whatever you do for just fun. Do you decorate your office area? Do you have a collection of favorite holiday items?

Two lucky commenters will win a couple of unique cowboy-related small gifts. Because this is so close to Christmas you can consider these gifts as the first for the New Year. The winner will be chosen December 22.

Susan White said...

Every Christmas I send Santa letters to a couple of my cousins kids. They love reading about the elves and reindeer check on them through the year. Thanks for the giveaway!

Starla Kaye said...

I love that Santa letter idea! What fun!
Thanks for stopping by.

Gma said...

When my son, Matt, was little he wanted to know why those people were standing in the cold, ringing the bell and about the red kettle. So I told him. He looked at me with tears in his big brown eyes and said, "Mommy, you have to promise to always put money in that kettle forever". And for the last 36 years I have never passed passed a red kettle without putting money in. Out loud or in my heart I say, "This is for Matthew!"

Starla Kaye said...

Thanks for sharing your comment about donating to the red kettles. I almost always give something, too. Just because I can.

bn100 said...

decorate the tree and house

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zminorauthor said...

I have 40 boxes, big ones, of Christmas decorations collected over the many years. I won't tell you how many however. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I hate putting the decorations away because the house looks so bare. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, safe New Year.

Starla Kaye said...

I'm happy to announce my two contest winners: Susan White and Melody Everhart. Melody entered the contest via my email.

Congrats and Happy Holidays!