Monday, October 6, 2014

Phoenix Rising

By Cara Carnes

I’m thrilled Phoenix Rising releases today. When this line of paranormal new adult books was mentioned to me, I knew instantly what I wanted to write. Specifically, I knew what I wanted Riletta and Macen to share with the world.
What I didn’t expect was the visceral reaction I would have as a writer while putting their story down. I’ve written quite a few books at this point. The characters are always fiercely independent in my head and I as the author always have a firm grasp on their personalities, flaws and little idiosyncrasies.
From the start, though, these characters were different. This story was different. Even as I typed THE END I still couldn’t put my finger on precisely why. Then, late one night, it came to me.
Their journey was mine. Or rather, ours. We’ve all been there in one way or another—in a new place, starting a new leg of our life experience. I might’ve breathed life into Riletta and Macen but they gave me understanding, insight into how far I’d come. More importantly, how much I’d grown.
I was too young to be on my own. I didn’t know that then. I do now. I didn’t have many of the life experiences other kids my age had. I love my family dearly, but stating I was sheltered is such a grave understatement that,if I to said it aloud, lightning would strike me. I knew no one. To make matters worse, I wasn’t exactly a social bug. Add this to the fact I wasn’t living in a dorm and the perfect recipe for a horrible first year culminated.
Fortunately, fate intervened and I followed my heart’s desire and enrolled in a journalism class. It was mostly juniors and seniors. To say I was out of my comfort zone was an understatement. But I was helping put together the college newspaper. Nothing could stop me.
I learned so much the first year there—jello shots aren’t the world’s answer to tasty party snacks and the world will NOT end because there are thousands of crickets have invaded the campus (you don’t want to know. Trust me, it was VILE. *cringes) Those are the first two that came to mind. There were so many more. What can I say? I was a naïve newbie with LOTS to learn. 
I could share tales of over imbibing, misadventures of the socially awkward. But the most important lesson I took from that year was risk. Taking a chance by putting yourself out there is hard, but the reward when it pays off is so worth it.
I hope you enjoy Phoenix Rising. More importantly, I hope it helps you recall your younger self and discover exactly how far you’ve come since then.
So, what did you learn your first year away from home?

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Sometimes you have to crumble to ashes before you can fly
Riletta knew hardship. As a shifter who couldn’t shift, she was raised in a wolf pack that ostracized her. She was ready to tackle the world when she was dropped off at the university with no identity, very little cash, and the only thing she wanted—freedom. The last thing she expected was for the university’s resident Alpha wolf to stake a claim.
Macen Giordano hadn’t expected the little female to bring out his protective wolf, but he’s not about to let university politics harm the innocent shifter. Riles may not be wolf, but she is his.
When prejudices threaten them both and shed light on her true nature, the two must survive the impossible to earn their destiny.

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