Wednesday, September 24, 2014

For the Love of Geese

Throughout the course of history, romantic couples have captivated the hearts and minds of readers, watchers and listeners. I was anxious to see how Dylan and Becca stand up to these pop culture icons, historical figures and legends. Let’s break it down…

ROMEO & JULIET – This self-proclaimed murderer and his girl, who still had a nurse in her teen years, couldn’t think of a way other than a suicide pact to outsmart their folks enough to be together? What kind of self respecting teenagers were they??? Point: Becca and Dylan

MONICA & CHANDLER—Wise cracking Chandler and neat freak Monica were never lucky enough to experience the wonder of a hair salon disguised as a giant Venus flytrap, even in NYC. POINT: Becca and Dylan

JACK & ROSE – Rose wouldn’t even let Jack onto her floating door. Hence, he died. Such selfishness shalt not be rewarded with point. POINT: Becca and Dylan

HENRY VIII & ANNE BOLYN – He chopped her head off. Enough Said. POINT: Becca and Dylan

RHETT & SCARLET – Frankly, my dear, he didn’t give a damn. POINT: Becca and Dylan

ROSS & RACHEL – Went on a break and took nine years, 2 marriages (one to each other) and a baby to find their Happily Ever After. They could have saved a lot of time. POINT: Becca and Dylan

TARZAN & JANE – Oh, come on. He lived in a tree, used vines for transportation and his best friend was a cheetah he talked to. He should have been wearing a straight jacket with his loin cloth. POINT: Becca and Dylan

BILL & HILLARY – 2 politicians + 1 intern = a box of Cuban cigars. You do the math. POINT: Becca and Dylan

BABY & JONNY – She didn’t do the lift. POINT: Becca and Dylan

JOANIE & CHACHI – His name was Chachi for goodness sake and her hair style stayed the same for ten season. POINT: Becca and Dylan

LANCELOT & GUINEVERE – Split the round table in half and brought down Arthur’s Camelot. POINT: Becca and Dylan

ELIZABETH BENNETT & DARCY – She just wasn’t good enough until he changed her. POINT: Becca and Dylan

QUEEN VICTORIA & PRINCE ALBERT – FIRST cousins.Really??? POINT: Becca and Dylan

ELIZABETH OF YORK & EDWARD IV – Their fairy tale would be called the Wicked and Womanizer and ended in the death of a king followed by the disappearance of his sons, one of whom was the crown prince of England, in the tower where they were placed for their protection. Not seeing the HEA here. POINT: Becca and Dylan
JOHN & YOKO – Their idea of devotion brought a sharp halt to the rise to power of the FAB FOUR. Her fault the Beatles are no more. POINT: Becca and Dylan
BONNIE & CLYDE – American Baddy Bank Robbers… shotguns, machine guns and death. POINT: Becca and Dylan

LIZ & RICHARD – On/Off.On/Off. Come on people. Get it together. POINT: Becca and Dylan

NAPOLEON & JOSEPHINE – He only married this cougar for her money to finance his craziness. POINT: Becca and Dylan

And finally…
MORK & MINDY – While we all love the sparkling wit and magical comedic powers of Robin Williams… Mork arrived in an egg, took 3 years to fall in love and hatched Jonathon Winters. But he traveled across a galaxy  and he was played by Robin Williams so… POINT: The other guys.

With a quick Tally of the score…

Becca and Dylan – 18
The Other Guys – 1 (Thank Mork)

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