Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Muse is at it Again!

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My husband generally laughs at me when I say my muse has my ear...he doesn't understand what that means. I wish he did at times, let me tell you. For me though, this post is about just how dangerous it is to give your muse free rein.
As an author I rely on my muse to inspire me with ideas, with plots, visions, and for the most part that is exactly what she does. However, what she also does from time to time is bring in another muse to help her out. This time they've ganged up on me so I don't know which way to turn. I had started another project which would have seen another western one with a bit more spice to it. But nope, she decides to jump in and say lets do something different. Lets challenge're not busy. As if running my own business, starting a new job, and writing wasn't enough for me to do.
I've been lucky with my muse, she usually gives me ideas that challenge me without overwhelming me.  Well, she challenged me this time in a way I've not felt before. Instead of stories which I'm typically comfortable with, she wants me to do something out of this world. Literally. I'm all for challenges, all for expanding my writing portfolio – but come on, I've never written anything remotely sci-fi-ish. There is a major difference between writing a paranormal romance and a sci-fi one.  Give it a shot! She says. You never know you might like it!
Might like it? Oh for the love of all that is holy! So I'm off to a killer start with this new story...but at the same time I'm plotting the demise of my muse. After all, how can I write westerns if I'm off in some other galaxy or time? Take this as a word of warning – never let your muse have any freedom. The moment you do – you'll be stuck with a story you're not sure you can even write much less write well.

Happy writing!


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