Friday, July 25, 2014

Drive it like you Stole it!

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Hello Decadent people! I’m thrilled to be with you here today to celebrate my newest release, High-Speed Hunger!
Got a hankerin’ for fast-paced, riding the rails romance? Then maybe my sexy Tyrone and tough Eileen will take you on a ride you won’t soon forget!
I love to drive and I have a heavy foot. I enjoy the wind in my face, the back end fishtailing around a corner, and the look of fear on other driver’s faces as I’m barreling toward them on their side of the road. Of course I’m kidding. Although that would be exciting, wouldn’t it? *grins*
I wrote High-Speed Hunger out of my love of driving, and yes I love the freedom of getting behind the wheel and enjoying a drive out in the country, taking in the scenery, and of course, just being alone on the road with my man. I’ll take a road trip over a hot sandy vacation any day. And maybe one day I’ll get to sit in the driver’s seat of a race car and live that one tiny dream.
But until then, I get to live vicariously through my characters…

Eileen Lavoie hasn’t had a moment’s peace in forever. As manager of Ragin’ Cajun Racing, being mother hen to testosterone and ego in coveralls is tough business. Not only did she break the rules and date her lead driver, she’s got a hankering for the new guy…and he’s one sexy Jamaican treat.
      Raised on the track, Tyrone Ellis wants the chance to make a name for himself, and he wants the boss’s daughter in every way possible. One night of unforgettable passion sets the wheels in motion, but will jealousy and competition lead to an unfortunate end?

He closed the distance and removed the bandage with gentle fingers, while she breathed in the intoxicating scent of vanilla-spice and pure man. Everything about him set her body afire. How embarrassing. The boss should be calm and in control, not wet between her legs and fumbling for words.
“No need to be shy, sweet Eileen. I’m not going to hurt you.”
“That’s not what I’m afraid of.” Shit. Why did she have to say that?
Dancing around the subject seemed like the smart thing to do. “So, are you excited about your test drive tomorrow?”
He chuckled—a deep, sensual sound that seemed to flow like silk from his delicious mouth. When his breath tickled her injured ear, she closed her eyes. The subtle heat eased the sting.
“More nervous than anything.”
His body tensed. “I watched my father die in a car crash back home.”
She sucked in a sharp breath and opened her eyes. “Oh, my God. I’m so sorry.”
“It’s okay. You didn’t know.”
“Was he a racer?”
He smiled broad and proud. “One of the best. Well, the bleeding has stopped.”
“What?” She stared up at him, confused by his last words.
“Your ear. It stopped bleeding,” he said with a crooked smile. “You have a little tear, but you’ll be happy to know you won’t be a one-earring wearing woman.”
“That’s…good.” That’s good? Ugh. I’m such an idiot. A few inches in separation from this big, sexy man left her brainless.
He cupped her shoulder. She glanced at his hand. It was large enough to do harm if he wanted, yet smooth enough to create heaven as well. Jesus. I’m acting like a nervous teenager. “I…um…why did you come down here?”
Ty’s smile was delicious. “I heard the music and had to investigate. I’m glad I did. You put on a great show.”
“When did you leave the tavern?”
“After you. I’m not much of a partier.”
She stared down at his boots, unable to look him in the eyes. Knowing he wasn’t a partier pleased her, considering she always had to babysit Pop and Bobby.
His hand appeared in her line of vision. “Dance with me?”
“An Old Fashioned Love Song” played in the background. “To this?” She giggled, thinking he must be joking. “It’s not a slow song.”
“Why not? I’ll dance with you any day or night, even to this shitty song, sweet Eileen.” His playful smile made her ache to kiss him hard.
The way he said her name with that sexy accent made her skin tingle, too. “Okay.” An instant connection washed through her the moment their hands connected. He reached round and pulled her body close, like he had every right to. Without thought, she drifted into his embrace. Pressing her cheek to his chest felt so natural. Following his smooth guidance, she closed her eyes and exhaled.
It didn’t matter the song wasn’t a slow one. He had a way about him she couldn’t ignore. Everything he did was mesmerizing, calming, and maybe a little protective, too.
All negative thoughts of Bobby faded away, and just the two of them were there, in the garage, holding each other. After a while, she glanced up and smiled. “I can’t remember when I danced last. He never—”
“Shhh…leave him out of this,” Ty whispered. This time, when he leaned in to kiss her, she didn’t shy away. His lips brushed hers, and an instant, needy ache pooled between her thighs. Eileen moaned and allowed herself to be enveloped in his undeniable passion. Never before had a man made her feel so hot from a single kiss.

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About the Author:
Shady Grace (formerly known as BL Bonita) makes Northern Ontario her home, where the bush is so thick you can't see two feet past the tree line. Perhaps the mystery of the woods was what initially sparked her need to write. She adores strong alpha males who fall for fiery, independent women, in settings with humorous dialogue and action-filled plots. Shady believes love and sex should be exciting and unforgettable. Being able to write about it is better than cheesecake.

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