Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It’s About the Story

A few weeks ago I had a discussion with a friend about the various romance genres. We  agreed that the happily ever after or happy for now was a must. But we disagreed about the way the characters arrived at those destinations.

Although I love all types of romances, from paranormal to historical, what gets me, what reels me in is the story. People meet, disagree about something, they fall in love, but in the end everything works out. I’m all about the story.

This led to a hard decision I had to make regarding my writing. Although I like reading erotica, in the past few months I found it harder to write. Don’t know why, but getting the words on the page was like pulling teeth. So I’ve made the decision to stop trying.

This will be my last post as Denise McCray. I thank you all for your support and hope you continue to follow my journey as I write as Rhonda Anderson Marks.

Love you all,


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Barbara Elsborg said...

Good luck to you!! I do know what you mean about the sexy bits. I have to confess, I write that but don't much read it. I put it down to an overload in my mind because I write it, but I find myself reaching for a thriller if I need a book! Though there are lots of romance writers I love who have very little sex in their stories.